The 10 Best Bars In The Historic Center Of Malaga, Spain

Malaga, dock view
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Having previously lived in the shadow of the culturally rich Granada, Seville and Cordoba, Málaga has quickly risen as one of the most culturally active places on the Costa del Sol. The city has a central gothic cathedral that acts as the heart from which many of Málaga’s quaint arterial streets take their influence. Visitors to this part of town will experience a rich cultural diversity and find a vast array of architectural marvels as well as a variety of rustic and contemporary restaurants and bars that uphold an authentic Spanish lifestyle. Here’s a list of the ten best bars in Málaga’s historic center.


1. Manana Cocktail Bar Málaga

Bar, Cocktail Bar, Cocktails, Beer

As one of Málaga’s main cocktail bars and one of the most popular locations for tourists, the Manana Cocktail Bar Málaga provides the perfect concoctions needed for a fun night out in Málaga’s old town. Serving a wide variety of cocktail favorites alongside over 30 different beers, this is definitely a must visit place for visitors wanting a vibrant night out.

2. Molina Lario – The Café de Bolsa

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Well located in the heart of Málaga’s old town and only a few steps away from the cathedral, of which guests will have spectacular views, the Molina Lario hotel is a great option for those wishing to be in the center of Málaga’s night scene. The on-site restaurant/bar Café de Bolsa is open all day from breakfast until late in the evening and serves a variety of beers, wines and spirits in its elegant terrace complex.

3. Bodega el Pimpi

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The Bodega el Pimpi is one of Málaga’s most famous bars. With traditional Spanish roots, this bar specializes in a wide variety of tapas and features an extensive list of local vintages. The bar itself gives off a rustic vibe with a selection of 100 year old posters and wooden wine kegs resting against its walls. This is the perfect location to enjoy the best of the authentic Spanish bar tradition.

4. La Biblioteca

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A more recent addition to Málaga’s night scene, La Biblioteca is a modern bar located in Málaga’s historic central district. The bar features a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, from beers and spirits to a plentiful selection of fresh cocktails. As is typical of many of the bars in Málaga, salsa dancing is always present here so the bar provides a perfect opportunity for tourists to get involved with local music and dance culture.

5. Morrisey’s Irish Bar

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Occupying a prime position in the center of Málaga’s historic district, Morrisey’s Irish Bar is the perfect bar for tourists and locals to mingle, with a range of drink favorites including the Irish drink par excellence, Guinness. The bar has a very sociable atmosphere and offers a warm welcome and homely comfort to all those that pass through its doors.

6. D’Cuadros

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While it is known for its variety of delicious tapas options, Restaurant D’Cuadros doubles as one of Málaga’s liveliest bars. With a central location on one of Málaga’s old town arterial streets, this restaurant turned bar offers a varied selection of alcoholic beverages as well as offering a traditional selection of fresh cocktails.

7. Antigua Casa Guardia

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Antigua Casa de Guardia, wine bar
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The Antigua Casa Guardia is known as the oldest tavern in Málaga, dating back to the late 19th century. The bar attracts a healthy mix of locals and tourists through its intrinsic Spanish authenticity as well as its cozy and quaint interior. The pub serves a range of local and international beers, spirits and vintages and provides the perfect atmosphere for guests to sit back and relax while taking in the Spanish lifestyle.

8. Amargo

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For visitors to the city that want to have an authentic Spanish experience, the bar Amargo is the perfect location. As one of the city’s hidden gems, Bar Amargo is known to attract a local audience and is the ideal place to experience the local way of life. Specializing in flamenco and salsa, this is without question a must visit location for a vibrant cultural experience of the South.

9. Velvet Club

Bar, Nightclub, Cocktails, Beer

The Velvet Club is one of the most popular clubs in Málaga’s historic center. The bar serves a vast array of alcoholic drinks including an international selection of beers and a variety of homemade cocktails that are the perfect complement to any night out. This trendy and modern venue hosts a wide variety of live performances including a flamenco live night every Wednesday, independent music concerts and DJ sessions.

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