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Malaga | © Kristoffer Trolle/Flickr
Malaga | © Kristoffer Trolle/Flickr

The Best Bars in Malaga, Spain

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Updated: 25 July 2017

With its coastal location, Malaga’s nightlife offers some of the most scenic and charming bars in the country. Ranging from modern clubs to old-fashioned bars, there’s few things the Andalusian city doesn’t have. Reasonable prices, high quality drinks and a fun crowd are only a few reasons to check out its bar scene; this is our selection of the best drinking spots.

Bodega Bar El Pimpi

One of the city’s most famous bars, El Pimpi overlooks the Roman theater and has seen generations of customers pass through its walls, from Antonio Banderas to Tony Blair. The interior is dominated by historic posters and dark, wooden barrels, signed by the restaurant’s most famous visitors. Next to refreshing beverages, the bar also offers a range of tapas and tasty meals. Thursdays are dedicated to flamenco and where better to move to Spanish rhythms than in this authentic Andalusian building. El Pimpi is an institution and has earned a reputation throughout the region. It is an absolute staple for any visit to the city.

Bodega Bar El Pimpi, Calle Granada, 62, Málaga, Spain, +34 952 22 54 03

El Cantor de Jazz

Lovers of live music will feel right at home in this laid-back bar which hosts numerous jazz concerts and other performances. The Chicago-style atmosphere is unique within the city and makes El Cantor de Jazz one of Malaga’s best bars. The laid-back yet cool vibes attract a diverse crowd – from young students to working professionals. Visitors can enjoy a range of cocktails or other alcoholic beverages which come at incredibly reasonable prices. With its inviting and warm setting, El Cantor de Jazz is one of the best venues for an entertaining evening full of quality music on the Andalusian coast.

El Cantor de Jazz, Calle Lazcano 7, Málaga, Spain, +34 952 222 854

Vista Andalucia

Looking to get your groove on with some authentic Spanish rhythms? Then you will be thrilled to discover Visa Andalucia, one of the city’s most famous flamenco venues with some of the best dancers in the region. Next to some exciting dance performances, the bar offers various entertaining events in a dynamic atmosphere. Tourists and regulars alike can join in the fun and learn how to dance like a true Spaniard. For those looking to get a glimpse of real Andalusian atmosphere, Vista Andalucia has it all.

Vista Andalucia, Avda de los Guindos, 29, Malaga, Spain

Antigua Casa de Guardia

Antigua Casa de Guardia is considered to be the best wine bar in the city and an essential stop for lovers of quality drinks. The bar opened its doors in 1840 and its historic interior gives it a particularly enchanting flair. The interior consists of a long row of old barrels, fronted by dark wooden tables. Serving regional wines, the Casa’s drinks come incredibly cheap, allowing you to get a taste of numerous products. The oldest bar in Malaga continues to welcome various crowds, indulging in Andalusian specialties such as the Seco or the Pedro Ximen.

Antigua Casa de Guardia, Alameda Principal, 18, Málaga, Spain, +34 952 21 46 80

Terraza de Larios

Terraza de Larios is located on the fifth floor of the Mate Larios Hotel and covers one of the most dazzling panoramas over the city. Visitors can take a seat on the terrace and indulge in refreshing cocktails, while soaking in the dazzling atmosphere and stunning views over the cathedral and skyline. The stylish bar with its minimalist decorations offers a relaxed atmosphere ideal for a quiet evening or the start of a night out. Open until late at night, the bar features a DJ, underlining the laid-back setting with chilled-out vibes. Drinks are slightly more expensive but the atmosphere more than justifies the extra euros.

Terraza de Larios, Calle Marqués de Larios, 2, Malaga, Spain, +34 95 222 2200.

Malaga, The Mediterranean, and Bullfighting


The vibrant ZZ PUB is packed with a range of different people but is particularly popular with students. The unpretentious pub counts as one of the best venues for live music and regularly features artists from a multitude of genres, you’ll find funk, soul and blues, but primarily they focus on programming rock and alternative bands. The funky bar serves incredibly cheap drinks, only one of many reasons for its popularity. When bands hit the stage on Mondays and Thursdays, the venue tends to fill up quickly with a well-humored crowd, looking to celebrate the artists.

ZZ PUB, Calle Tejón y Rodríguez, 6, Málaga, Spain, +34 678 64 34 50

Bar Orellana

Bar Orellana dates back to the Spanish Civil War in 1938 and has served traditional Andalusian dishes, tapas and quality drinks since then. The authentic bar has seen numerous famous customers, from musicians to theater artists. The extensive menu features some of the tastiest tapas in the city and traditional wines from Malaga. The Spanish interior and local crowd make this bar the ideal destination for those seeking to escape the tourist restaurants. While not a place for excessive parties, Orellana offers an authentic atmosphere with friendly service.

Bar Orellana, Calle de Moreno Monroy, 5, Málaga, Spain

Puerta Oscura

This old-fashioned, elegant bar is one of the more laid-back places in Malaga’s busy night life scene. A hub for classical music, the venue often hosts live chamber music concerts. The 19th-century style interior with chandeliers and private alcoves makes Puerta Oscura an ideal spot for animated conversations over a glass of wine with the subtle tunes of a piano in the background. The intimate setting and quality drinks have yet to find their equal in the city and Puerta Oscura will quickly win you over with its unique charm.

Puerta Oscura, Calle Molina Lario, 5, Málaga, Spain

Malaga Beach

Sala Opium

The setting of Opium plays to the city’s Arabic history and stands out through its oriental decorations. Upon entering, the visitor is welcomed by exotic, dimmed lights and luxurious couches, filled with comfy, decorative pillows. The Moroccan influences offer a magical atmosphere in which you can enjoy cool drinks. On Tuesday the entertainment features belly dancers, live music, shisha and there are various themed nights throughout the week. Opium’s oriental flair allows you to lean back and relax or become more involved in the events on offer. A trendy bar that truly is worth coming back to.

Opium, Calle Santa Lucia 12, Málaga, Spain, +34 670 09 87 49