Inspiring Decor Ideas from Barcelona

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Barcelona has a sophisticated air, an eclectic mix of the old and the new. The city has managed to hang on to its old-world charm, while adopting a stylish modern vibe. Here are some straightforward decor ideas to add a little of the Barcelona spirit into your home.

Adopt a cactus or succulent plant

While these varieties of plant have been popular in the Catalan capital for centuries, owing to their ability to survive on very little water, in recent years they have become synonymous with contemporary Barcelona interiors. Play around with size, combining larger plants with miniatures for your bedside table or bookshelves. Plant pots can be quirky and fun so be sure to shop around for ideas.

A selection of cacti CC0 Pixabay

Fill your world with art

Barcelona is synonymous with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, while today it is home to a thriving contemporary art scene, including some of the most talked about street artists of our times. If you don’t have the budget for an original masterpiece why not opt for a limited edition print by an emerging artist, or cheaper still, check out markets and antique stores for vintage gems.

An art filled room CC0 Pixabay

Add some greenery to your balcony

Anyone who has wandered through the small streets of the Old Town will have noticed just how much greenery can be found in the centre of town. Balconies overflow with plants, which sometimes look like they have been there for centuries, offering shade in the hot summer months. Locals tend to prefer plants which require little or no watering, meaning they can survive all year round with little maintenance.

A green street CC0 Pixabay

Combine the old and the new

Perhaps one of the most striking features about flats in the old parts of Barcelona is their ability to combine old-world charm with simple but effective touches of modern style. It’s no surprise that up-and-coming architects in the city are looking for ways to make the most of original features when they include such things as vaulted catalan ceilings or colourful patterned tile floors. Learn to embrace signs of the past in your home and compliment them with a few well-chosen designer pieces to give them a fresh new look.

Don’t be afraid of patterns

While the Scandi style might be all about minimalist designs, tonal colours and keeping things simple, Barcelona style is pretty much the polar opposite. The floors of Barcelona are full of bright colours and bold geometric patterns, which liven up in the darkest of apartments. While traditional Catalan ‘hydraulic tiles’ – named after the method used in their manufacture – tend to use combinations of organic colours, these days modern versions exist in a full palette of colours.

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