The Most Beautiful Sunsets in Serbia

The sun sets over Tara Mountain
The sun sets over Tara Mountain | © Nenad Nedomacki/Shutterstock

Travellers will disagree on most subjects, arguing over the relative merits of different cultures, literature, modes of travel and the rest. If there’s one thing that all vagabonds can agree on however, it is the power and majesty of a glorious sunset. These are the best spots to catch the sun going down in Serbia.

Uvac Canyon

The meanders at Uvac remain the most romantic spots in Serbia. This is nature at its most potent, and the canyon offers the sort of imagery that causes hearts to melt with or without the addition of a falling sun. It just so happens to be an incredible spot for a sunset, the oranges and reds of the sky accentuated by the dramatic cliff faces and quiet foreboding of the dramatic river itself. Uvac isn’t the easiest to get to, but it is absolutely worth all the effort.

The magnificent meanders of the Uvac River


From the tranquility of nature, to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Belgrade isn’t short on romantic spots itself, and the lookout from Kalemegdan is absolutely at the top of that list. The confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers is in full view from the edge of the park, complete with a stunning view of New Belgrade and Zemun to boot. The sun drops down behind the former, making the monumental blocks of the city’s biggest municipality even more imposing.

View from Kalemegdan

Tara Mountain

Serbia is full of mountains from which to watch the sun go down, and it would be negligent of us to divert attention to anything other than the finest. Tara is a true gem in the Serbian crown, a monolithic mountain surrounded by a veritable tick list of the finest nature in the country. Steep cliffs, deep ravines, breathtaking gorges and clearings that seem to come out of nowhere collide to create an all-in-one nature experience. You don’t need us to tell you the sunsets are magical up here.

No words are required.

Bač Fortress

Serbia is full of eerie fortresses, some still built up and others left to the whims of history. The pillars and towers of these complexes create some unique images when the sun sets behind them, and the views of Bač in Vojvodina are up there with the best. It is one of the oldest towns in the region, and the half-destroyed nature of the fortress makes for some fascinating aesthetics when backdropped by a descending star.

The blood-red sun at Bač


Sticking with fortresses in Vojvodina, no talk of such things can pass without a nod to Novi Sad and Petrovaradin. The home of the annual EXIT Festival looks out over the hulking Danube, and the twilight afforded by the sun setting frames Serbia’s second biggest city with a fresh radiance. This is the best place to get a romantic meal in the city, and it doesn’t get more amorous than a setting sun from a medieval fortress.

The view from Petrovaradin

Lazar’s Canyon

From the north of the country all the way to the rarely visited east, and the deepest gorge in the country. Lazar’s Canyon can be found in the river that is also named after Serbia’s most famous prince, and at 500 metres it stretches down further than anything else of its like in these parts. The sun sets far from the seemingly peaceful mountaintops, creating an exalted view that even the Ottomans were afraid of.

The plains of Vojvodina

You don’t need to scale a fortress or climb a mountain to get a great view of the sun setting in Serbia. The entire northern region of Vojvodina is as flat as a pancake, with the exception of Fruška Gora of course, and the sun sets in the direction of Serbia’s neighbours to the north. This makes for a plethora of great spots to watch the sun go down, with views uninterrupted by pesky mountaintops or jagged plateaus.

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