The 9 Best Restaurants in New Belgrade, Serbia

New Belgrade — where the beautiful people feed
New Belgrade — where the beautiful people feed | @ Jerry Cafe & Restaurant / Facebook

New Belgrade might not have the twinkling elegance of Skadarlija or the bohemian charm of Dorćol, but who cares when the food is this good? Novi Beograd is for living, and Serbs can’t live without top-quality fodder. These are the best restaurants in New Belgrade.

1. Restoran Durmitor

Restaurant, BBQ, Contemporary

Traditional cuisine at Durmitor
© Petr Ota Harazin / Facebook

Named after the magnificent national park found in Montenegro, Durmitor is a traditional restaurant that embraces all things Montenegrin. If you aren’t aware, that means a relaxed atmosphere and no small amount of delicious fare, with some of the most tender meat we’ve ever come across. You won’t find much English on the menu, but you can feel safe in knowing that every single thing on it is fantastic. One of the best restaurants in town, regardless of location.

2. Splav Restoran Žabar

Restaurant, Seafood, Contemporary

Riverside dining in the Serbian capital
© Splav Restoran Žabar / Facebook

It doesn’t get much more romantic than a stroll along the Danube riverside, although you can argue that the addition of a candlelit meal may well trump it. Žabar is one of the most respected restaurants in these parts, with a view of the city that is every bit as stunning as you assume. Seafood is the main event here, but there are options for those not excited by a pescatarian lunch.

3. Tanker Pub

Restaurant, Gastropub, Pub, Pub Grub, Contemporary

Good for a drink, good for a bite, good for a feast
© Tanker / Facebook

While not exactly a pub in the traditional sense, Tanker is definitely an establishment with plenty of beer flowing. The food is what brings the people in however, and the menu has a variety of pastas and meat dishes on offer. There are plenty of breakfasts available as well. This isn’t the cheapest spot in the city, but quality shouldn’t come cheap.

4. Caffe Restoran Umbrella

Cafe, Restaurant, Italian, Contemporary

The calm before the storm
© Umbrella Restaurant & Pizza Bar / Facebook

A restaurant and pizzeria, Umbrella has a unique interior that gains as many plaudits as the delectable grub. ‘Rustic’ is definitely an overused word but sometimes it fits, although there’s nothing plain about the food coming out of the kitchen. Pizzas, salads, steaks and more await, with a decent selection of cocktails there to enhance the evening.

5. Restoran Jerry

Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary

The most elegant interior in New Belgrade
© Jerry caffes & restaurants / Facebook

Sure, the name isn’t exactly inspiring, but Jerry isn’t your ordinary New Belgrade restaurant. This place is class personified, albeit class with no small amount of colour. The variety on offer is excellent, and the desserts almost certainly deserve special praise. There will always be something magnificent about a cascading ball of chocolate.

6. Osteria Mozzarella

Restaurant, Pizzeria, Italian

More than just pizza at Osteria Mozzarella
© Osteria Mozzarella / Facebook

Is Omladinskih Brigada the best street for restaurants in all of Belgrade? Osteria Mozzarella is another excellent addition to the roster, and the food is every bit as Italian influenced as the name would suggest. All the regions of Italy are covered here, and while the inspiration comes from The Boot, the heart and soul well and truly resides in New Belgrade.

7. Chez Nik Restaurant

Restaurant, Contemporary

Large portions and glorious grub
© Chez Nik Restaurant / Facebook

Okay, you’ll have to stay with us for a moment with this one. You know how when you walk into some restaurants, you immediately realise that drinking beer there would be a bit out of place? Chez Nik is like that. There are a variety of drinks available, but this is a place to look good and drink some fine wine. The food is immensely toothsome too, with classy fare to match the classy surroundings. The presentation is every bit as important here as well.

8. Cosi Bar & Kitchen

Restaurant, Bar, Contemporary, BBQ

Salads and a whole lot more at Cosi Bar & Kitchen
© Cosi Bar & Kitchen / Facebook

Cosi by name, cosy by nature. This New Belgrade establishment is absolutely full to the brim with character and charm, whether it is the unorthodox illustrations on the wall (think ‘Spitting Image’) or the easygoing interior itself. The food is refreshingly down to earth too, focusing on sandwiches, burgers, steaks and the like. Food for people who aren’t interested in writing about how good the food is, you could say.

9. Restoran So i Biber

Restaurant, Contemporary, BBQ

We might be biased towards this place because we once attended a wedding party here, but the food was more than good enough to bring us back on various occasions. The name means ‘Salt and Pepper’ (you didn’t need us to translate that, did you?), but you won’t need much in the way of extra flavouring here. The classy interior is matched by a delightful little outdoor area too.

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