The Best Beer Pubs in Belgrade, Serbia

Great beer at Srpska Kuća Piva
Great beer at Srpska Kuća Piva | © Srpska Kuća Piva/Facebook

Has beer ever been as fashionable as it is right now? Just a few short years ago, a beer in Belgrade amounted to little more than some almost fizzy nonsense dredged up from the bottom of the Danube. Fast forward to the present day, and the effects of the craft beer revolution can be felt in every corner of the city. If you’re looking for a top quality pint in the Serbian capital, look no further.

1. Samo Pivo

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Wise words from a very wise man
© Samo Pivo/Facebook

If you call your bar ‘Samo Pivo’ (Only Beer), you aren’t leaving a whole lot to the imagination. There’s no need to, in truth, because this somewhat hidden spot underneath Hotel Moskva lives up to its billing as a beer paradise in the middle of Belgrade. Local and foreign brews are available in this industrial space, which also has an impressive beer garden for the warmer months. This should be your first stop on your beer tour of the city.

2. Gunners Pub

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Another ordinary day at Gunners Pub
© Gunners Pub
A favourite of ours, Gunners Pub has everything that one should expect an elite beer pub to have. A quality selection of beers from all over the world on tap? Check. The finest independent breweries, available and promoted throughout? You bet. Hard rock music and effortlessly infectious staff? That goes without saying. Bottle caps and guitars as far as the eye can see? All day long. Empty beer kegs as urinals? Wait, what? Gunners Pub is a beer spot through and through, with a location to die for.

3. Pivodrom

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Pivodrom exterior
© Pivodrom/Facebook

From the great minds that brought us Dorćol’s magnificent Meduza comes Pivodrom, a fantastic house of beer worship in the heart of Vračar. Pivodrom is a fairly new addition to Belgrade’s beer roster, but the flawless credentials of its owners and its commitment to all things beer have seen it rise through the city ranks, and it is fast becoming another must for lovers of hops in the Serbian capital.

4. The Black Turtle Pub

Pub, Contemporary

The Black Turtle is a true Belgrade icon
© The Black Turtle Pubs & Brewery / Facebook

When the word ‘beer’ comes up in conversation in Belgrade, the Black Turtle will inevitably rear its veteran head. Arguably the most iconic pub in the city, The Black Turtle actually has three of its own branded pubs across the city, as well as being the brains (and brews) behind a number of other establishments. The Turtle also acts as an independent brewer, and a selection of its excellent concoctions are available throughout its pubs.

5. Krafter

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Located on Belgrade’s trendy Strahinjića Bana Street (somewhat disrespectfully known as ‘Silicone Valley’ in some parts), Krafter pays close attention to seasonal trends while bringing quality refreshment to the parched folk of Dorćol. Selection and variety are the lifeblood of the beer bar, and Krafter has both in abundance.

6. Pivopija

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From where cold beer does flow | © Pivopija NBGD/Facebook
© Pivopija NBGD / Facebook

Pivopija immediately sets its stall out by proclaiming that ‘life is too short to drink bad beer’. This is a true enough phrase, and its pub in Novi Beograd definitely lives up to its initial claim. Another beer shop and taproom mix, Pivopija steps up to the plate with some of the best craft beers in the city and a great mix of international brewers to compliment. Pivopija was at the forefront of the craft beer revolution in Serbia, and there’s more to come yet.

7. Srpska Kuća Piva

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The Serbian House of Beer is an apt name, to say the least
© Srpska Kuća Piva/Facebook
Srpska Kuća Piva literally translates as ‘Serbian House of Beer’, so once again, you know what you are getting into before you make the trek to Mileševska in Vračar. The pub is in favour of pets, as any house should be, so those of you looking for an almost British beer experience in Belgrade need look no further. With great beer in perfect surroundings, what more is needed?

8. Miners Pub

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Another excellent spot for imbibing beer in Dorćol, Miners Pub is exactly what you’d expect a bar called ‘Miners Pub’ to be. It is located underground in a dark basement, although what it lacks in light it more than makes up for with an energetic atmosphere and one of the best beer selections in the entire city. It also has a couple of real dartboards, although darts and beer are only a good mix for a certain amount of time.

9. Beerville Beer Bar

Pub, Wine Bar, Pub Grub, Wine, Beer, Cocktails

Is there a better combination than beer and trivia?
© Beerville Bar and Store/Facebook

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse beer providers in Belgrade of, it is subtlety. Beerville Beer Bar? They aren’t leaving much on the fence, to say the least. Beerville may be more of a shop than it is a traditional beer, but the sheer selection available makes this yet another fantastic spot to park for a beer or two or who knows how many. Fans of drinking beer in spandex are in for a treat.

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