The Best Late-Night Clubs in St Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg is often called the cultural capital of Russia, but there are also many amazing bars and clubs to explore. From Monday to Sunday, the party never stops at these vibrant nightlife hotspots. Culture Trip has chosen the best of the best for the party-goers among you.

1. Daiquiri Bar

Bar, Cocktail Bar, European

If you want to spend an unforgettable night as a couple or among friends with an exquisite cocktail in hand, this is without a doubt the best place to go in Saint Petersburg. Daiquiri is a legendary bar in the city, known for being among the first to introduce high-quality cocktails to the city. Its menu has more than 300 cocktails prepared by serious mixologists, among them Grigory Grigoryev, who won the prize for best bartender in 2014. The atmosphere, the aesthetics and the music are excellent, plus they always have a great variety of DJs and the prices are affordable. Do not forget to try the famous cocktail, “Captain America,” an original creation by Grigory himself.

2. Union Bar & Grill

Bar, Cocktail Bar, European

This is one of the best bars that you can visit in the center of the city. Its space is made up of a main room where the stage is located and a secondary room with a large table for those who wish to enjoy the grill accompanied by a refreshing beer and a smoking area. All these areas have their own bar. Its menu of cocktails is extensive, in addition to having a variety of rums on offer. The parties in this place are a total blast. They always have new DJs and guest artists, so it is very difficult to know which is the best day and the best party. We recommend you follow its program of activities on social networks!

3. Self-Cost

Bar, European

Self-Cost is one of the most attractive nightspots in St Petersburg, especially for those who like to smoke hookah. The bar’s décor has a very contemporary style, and the perfect coordination between the bar, the paintings that adorn the walls, and the DJ lighting make this place the ideal place to spend a wonderful night out drinking. The menu is varied and includes tapas with very affordable prices.

4. Bar Degustator

Bar, Craft Ale Bar, European

For beer lovers who think they have already tried everything and are looking for something new, this is the best place to visit. It is located in the center of the city, so it is quite easy to find. It offers a wide variety of beers from around the world for every taste. This bar has managed to become one of the most preferred in town for visitors due to its beer parties, free tastings, good music, and excellent prices.

5. Hookah Pacman

Bar, European

If what you are looking for in St. Petersburg is a nice place to go with friends, then the best recommendation is this spot. It is a hookah bar with a very good vibe, where the atmosphere is conducive to relaxing and meeting new people. The music is wonderful, and the service is efficient. It also has a varied food menu and cocktail list along with very affordable prices, so many visitors become regulars of the place.

6. Ryumochnaya in a Bottle

Bar, Cafe, Russian

This is a perfect place to start your party-heavy night, or even to spend the whole evening. The menu is centered around home-made liquors with unusual flavors, complemented by a selection of Russian food. Located on New Holland Island, this bar can be a continuation of a long day after one of the numerous festivals held there.

7. Kuznya House

Bar, Restaurant, European, Russian

Kuznya House club and restaurant was created as a 360° concept: it is a calm restaurant during the day and a vibrant bar and club once night falls. This is the second bar on this list located on New Holland Island, so once you are there make sure to hit both these spots.

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