20 Superstitions Only Romanians Will Understand

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8 December 2017

Romania is a surprising country and a fascinating destination. Get to know the people, the local customs and the traditions, and you’ll likely discover the country is a wonderful mix of warm culture, amazing stories and quirky beliefs. The country’s folk culture is just as captivating, filled with superstitions that are a part of daily life for Romanians. Discover some of the beliefs that only Romanians can really understand.

Money superstitions

We use money every day to buy food or pay our rent, but we also receive money when we’re paid for the work we do. So, how to know if today you’ll receive or give money? This Romanian superstition says that if your right palm itches, then you’ll receive money. On the contrary, if it’s your left one, beware…you’ll be giving money today.

Money superstitions | ©stevepb / Pixabay

Itching superstitions

The ‘itching superstitions’ can be also related to your nose, in which case you might be slapped or believed to have lied to the person you’re talking to. If your foot itches, it means that you will soon travel.

Bad luck superstitions

It happens often that we forget something at home and then want or need to return to retrieve it. But if you’re Romanian, you would never do so, because it is bad luck. Also, aside from being irrational to open an umbrella inside the house, Romanians see this as another trigger of bad luck. So wait to be outside to do it.

Be careful with that umbrella | © IvicaM90/ Pixabay

Seven years of misfortune

Misfortune in Romania comes in different forms. And if you break a mirror, bad luck comes in ‘big doses,’ as you’ll have seven years of mischance.

Bad Luck Broken Mirror | © Dyversions/ Pixabay

Family fights

How can you tell what will happen at your next family reunion? Look for those who have split salt on the dining table, then get ready…there will be a fight in the family.

When you can’t stop hiccuping

Have you wondered why you hiccup? In Romania, hiccups are a sign that somebody is thinking or speaking about you – and they will only stop once you guess who it is.

When you hiccup, other people talk about you | © Ben White/ Unsplash

You may never get married if…

If you want to get married in Romania, then don’t sit in the table corner. Doing so means you’ll never marry.

You may not get married if… | © Zoriana Stakhniv/ Unsplash

Be careful with your handbag

Another money-related Romanian superstition says that, if you let your handbag on the floor, you will certainly lose money.

Don’t let your handbag on the floor | © StockSnap/ Pixabay

Rain is a sign of good luck

Don’t be sad if it’s raining on your wedding day as, according to Romanian superstitions, this brings good luck and wealth.

Rain is good luck | © Morgan Sessions/ Unsplash

Offering flowers to a Romanian

If you want to offer flowers to a Romanian, be careful of how many flowers do you give. Even numbers are for the deceased, so you might want to choose an odd number of flowers.

Offering flowers | ©Free-photos/ Pixabay

Black cats are bad luck

If a black cat cuts your path, it means you will have bad luck. So if you see one in front of you, you may just want to turn around and choose another way.

Black cats are bad luck | © freestocks-photos/ Pixabay

Don’t share your bottle

If you share your bottle with someone, whether it’s water, juice or alcohol, always be sure to drink the last sip. The contrary means the other person will not only get the last of your beverage, but will also steal your loved one!

Bottle drinking | © Autri Taheri/ Unsplash

Pieces of glass are good luck

Breaking glasses may be annoying, but the Romanians think this actually brings good luck. In some regions, at weddings, the bride and groom throw two glasses on the floor. The more pieces that shatter, the more luck and happiness they’ll find together in life.

13 and its curses

13 is usually a bad luck number, but if it’s a Wednesday or a Friday, then it’s even worse – you should expect to have a day without accomplishments.

13 and its curses | © 422737/ Pixabay

Be a fortunate wife

As a bride, your wedding day should include many things…you should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in order to spend a beautiful day and to avoid having bad luck during your marriage.

Be a fortunate wife | © Brooke Cagle/ Unsplash

Dropping your food means…

If you drop a piece of food, that means someone is hungry, usually, the person whose name starts with the same letter as whatever you’re eating.

Be careful what you wear for Easter

Most of us wear beautiful, fancy clothes for family celebrations. But if you want a year full of luck, you should definitely think about wearing new clothes for Easter.

Dress well for Easter | © StockSnap/ Pixabay

When someone gossips about you

If your ears are red, it means someone is idly talking about you.

When someone gossips about you | © Ben White/ Unsplash

Horseshoe, a sign of prosperity

A horseshoe is a sign of wealth and good luck. During the Mărțișor celebration in March, many people buy a Horseshoe Mărțișor to bring them good fortune.

Horseshoe is good luck | © kalhh/ Pixabay

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