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Cool drinks © Pixabay
Cool drinks © Pixabay
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The Best Bars and Nightclubs in Lagos, Portugal

Picture of Nina Santos
Updated: 6 December 2017
The Algarve’s nightlife is home to the most notable party scene in Portugal and the coast around Lagos is where many favorite bars and clubs will be found. Of course, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and day drinking is also acceptable in this coastal paradise. If bar-hopping and dancing the night away is what you’re after, be sure to head to these venues.
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Eddie’s Bar

Eddie’s is like the neighborhood bar with a special voice that calls to expats and tourists. Located in the town center, it’s easy to find and the daytime/nighttime schedule means that it’s usually open, making it a good spot to know when in need of a cool drink (especially on a hot summer day). Visit during the day to watch sports while enjoying a beer or head over at night for inexpensive cocktails and music.

R. 25 de Abril 97, Lagos, Portugal

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Three Monkeys

It seems like these “monkeys” like to party and the owners have a reputation for making sure that their customers have a good time, too. No matter the season, there’s usually a reason to head to this local bar, whether it’s for the holiday-themed parties, the €4.50 ($5.30) cocktails, or the lively scene.

R. Lançarote de Freitas 28, Lagos, Portugal

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Stevie Ray’s Blues Jazz Bar

Those looking for live music should check out Stevie Ray’s, especially on the weekends when there is blues and jazz playing. Less of a party scene, this is a popular spot to relax after dinner with a few drinks and some tunes.

Rua da Sra. da Graça 9, Lagos, Portugal

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Inside Out

Inside Out is another party spot in Lagos and the dance floor ensures that the party doesn’t stop (at least, until not before 4 AM). Head over before midnight and the 2 for 1 drinks will be flowing. Inside Out is also known for its fishbowl cocktails, which are probably better shared with a friend or two.

R. Cândido dos Reis 19, Lagos, Portugal

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Nox Club

This nightclub is a favorite in Lagos known for themed parties and electronic music. This is certainly an after-hours spot, which stays open until the sun rises. Check out their Facebook page before visiting to see if there is an upcoming musical event.

R. da Sra. da Graça 5, Lagos, Portugal

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Customers of ZanziBar rave about the inexpensive but great cocktails and the welcoming atmosphere. Open from evening to 4 AM, it’s another hotspot with music that attracts a vibrant crowd.

Rua 25 de Abril, Lagos, Portugal

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The Star

The Star is a bar and grill in the center of Lagos that offers a long list of treats from international cuisine to late-night cocktails and an array of themed nights. From testing your knowledge at trivia to stretching your vocal cords at karaoke, The Star is accommodating to a variety of personalities.

Travessa 1 Maio no9, Lagos, Portugal

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Whytes Bar

Perhaps the coolest thing about Whytes is the Beat the Bartender game, played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 10 PM to Midnight. The game seems simple: roll a higher dice than the bartender and your drinks are free! Even when not trying to score free drinks, the music and party crowd will keep newbies entertained. For those who like to win merchandise, this venue also has a “9 Deadly Sins” challenge.

R. do Ferrador 7, Lagos, Portugal

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The Tavern

Walk the plank at the Tavern and try a range of vibrant shots, each with their own personalities. The Tavern is a local dive bar that offers customers many creative ways to party including a variety of drinking games.

R. Lançarote de Freitas 34, Lagos, Portugal