This Road in Poland is Currently Covered in Chocolate

Chocolate Spillage in Poland | © Moyan Brenn / WikiCommons
Chocolate Spillage in Poland | © Moyan Brenn / WikiCommons
A freak chocolate accident in Poland has caused a bit of commotion this week. A huge truck carrying around 12 tonnes of chocolate overturned on a highway in the western part of the country, spilling gallons of the delicious substance onto the roads and blocking traffic. Meanwhile, the tyres of the unknowing drivers passing by the accident were becoming chocolate covered.

The unfortunate spillage occurred on the A2, a main road west of Warsaw and east of Poznań, near a town called Słupca. Kontakt 24 news site in Poland reported on the incident, as did the national news. The story has since gone viral with articles on news websites and blogs, as well as many reports on Twitter.

The truck was carrying liquid chocolate from a company in southern Poland. Once the lorry overturned, the chocolate flowed quickly onto the road in a small village called Graboszewo. The spillage eventually covered four lanes, which obstructed traffic in both directions and caused quite a stir with passersby. As the chocolate began to dry in the spring sunshine, the air began smelling sweetly of the finest Polish chocolate, but it also caused the road to become even harder to clean.

It is not yet known what caused the truck to overturn. Marlena Kukawka, media officer for the Słupca police, said the truck had to be removed from the highway first and that it was taking a long time to remove the spillage. Polish firefighters have been working tirelessly to reopen the road. They are using hot water to melt the chocolate so it can be washed away.

Many locals have headed to the scene to take photos of the chocolate-coated road. Some observers have suggested that school children should go to the scene to lick the chocolate and help speed up the cleaning process, an example of the Polish sense of humour. Hospitals have revealed that the truck driver sustained a broken arm, but there were no serious injuries. As things stand, the road will be fully functional again, but residents are still shocked by this unique situation that has attracted global attention. Perhaps Poland’s chocolate industry will see a welcome boost after this unfortunate accident.