Mouth-watering Vegetarian & Vegan Scandinavian Brands

Pulled Oumph BBQ
Pulled Oumph BBQ | Courtesy of Oumph

There’s a low-key revolution happening in Scandinavia lately – and it is 100% plant-based. More and more local brands are competing for the attention of an ever-increasing number of people who are living a meat-free life (or trying to), producing vegetarian and vegan products of such quality that would put big US and UK brands to shame. We’ve tried some of the best ones, so we could share our recommendations below. Hey, it was a dirty (read: delicious) job, but someone had to do it.


Completely vegan, and based in soy protein, Oumph! products really pull all the stops when it comes to flavors and texture. Produced in Götaland, Sweden, Oumph! is currently available in supermarkets throughout Scandinavia, but also in the UK (at Tesco stores and Whole Foods Markets). They’re also collaborating with Max burgers in Scandinavia, if you’re in the mood for a veggie burger.

Definitely try: Their Pulled Oumph! – it will make you re-examine barbecue nights with friends.

Tandoori BBQ Oumph


Oatly is a Swedish company that’s determined to make oats cool again (or, cool for the first time). They’ve been making oat milk since the ’90s so they’ve really mastered this game by now. Available at most Nordic supermarkets, their products include everything from various flavored milks, cream “cheeses”, plant-based creams for cooking, and even ice cream.

Definitely try: Their iKaffe. It’s oat milk, but specifically designed to behave properly within your coffee and give you a glorious, foamy “cappoatccino”. Many coffee baristas have realized how excellent this product is, so use their map to find a cafe that serves it near you.

Vegan cheesecake with Oatly påMackan cream “cheese”

Hälsans Kök

Another oldie but definitely goodie: Hälsans Kök has been around since 1969 – and it’s known as “Garden Gourmet” outside Scandinavia. They have a big range of products from falafel to mince “meat” that works perfectly with spaghetti, and there are also soy sausages and chunky fillet bites, which are ideal for tacos.

Definitely try: It’s actually a tie between their soy sausages (you won’t even need ketchup or mustard) and their schnitzel. We’re not kidding about their schnitzel – it’s so good, you’ll have to check the ingredients in the box to make sure this is not actually chicken.

Tacos with Hälsans Kök fillet bites


VegMe is quite new (started in 2014). Based just outside Stockholm, this family business claims to have gained their products’ unique flavor thanks to an accident: a malfunction of their smoker because of a storm, that led them to find a different smoking method. If it’s an accident, it was a happy one.

Definitely try: Their minced “meat”. It works perfectly in a variety of cuisines, from Mexican to Moroccan and even to Greek or Italian.

Moroccan stew with VegMe


Anamma has been around for 20 years – and they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. Based in the south of Sweden, Anamma does a variety of vegan products, from very tasty chorizos to meatless meatballs and burgers.

Definitely try: Their “Formbar Färs” mince, which you can shape into patties, meatballs or even a vegan meatloaf.

Anamma veg burger

Like Meat Nordic

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, this brand offers a big range of products both fresh and frozen. What’s very interesting about Like Meat Nordic, is that they also offer non-soy alternatives, made with pea protein.

Definitely try: Their take on bratwurst. Most vegetarian sausages taste more or less the same, but this one is really unique.

Waffle sandwich with LikeMeat Veggie Schnitzel


Hoff is a well-known frozen potato brand based in Norway. So what’s it doing on this list? Well, they’ve recently added vegetarian burgers to their product offerings – and they’re actually delicious.

Definitely try: Their tomato and cheese burger (if you’re not vegan, that is). It’s made with potatoes and lentils and feels like an explosion of Italian cuisine in your mouth.

Hoff vegetarian burgers

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