The Best Cinemas in Vilnius, Lithuania

AK65YP Steakhouse Lokys / Vilnius
AK65YP Steakhouse Lokys / Vilnius | © Imagebroker / Alamy Stock Photo
Ieva Matiejunaite

Going to see a movie in Vilnius can be a truly exciting experience. First, nearly all movies are shown in the original language with Lithuanian subtitles, so you don’t have to know the national language to enjoy. Second, the variety of cinemas that Vilnius offers, from commercial to indie is truly impressive. Let’s have a look at the best spots overall…

Skalvija movie theatre

1. Skalvija

Movie Theater

This cinema is probably the best-known in the city for showing unconventional and underground films. Although it also presents some pop-culture movies, the bulk of its programme is made up of authorial cinema, especially that of various European directors. In order to best introduce their works, the managers of the cinema often host thematic series, authorial retrospectives, educational events and meetings with the film-making crews themselves. Skalvija is also probably one of the best places to get introduced to Lithuanian cinema, as it puts a lot of effort in promoting Lithuanian directors through movie premiers and workshops. The cinema also hosts an annual documentary film festival in September and a retrospective of classical films in December.

2. Pasaka Cinema Boutique


Forum Cinemas Vingis
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This independent cinema, located in the heart of the Vilnius Old Town, is a true gem for all cinema gourmands. It offers a variety of non-commercial movies every day, along with a series of special screenings during the summer called “Cinema under the stars”, set in the cozy courtyard of the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre. One of the greatest things about the cinema though is that viewers can take a glass of wine from a beautiful bohemian bar located on the ground floor of its premises, La Boheme. Some of the screening rooms even have saccosekksplaced on the floor to complete the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in front of some good indie movies. The cinema offers a variety of concessions for students and senior citizens, as well as the opportunity to get a cinema lover’s card for the most loyal viewers.

3. Forum Cinemas Vingis

Cinema, Shop

This cinema is mostly dedicated to commercial Hollywood cinema, but it also shows new Lithuanian movies and some underground cinema. It is a multiplex cinema located within easy reach of the city center and currently offers 11 cinema halls. It is also considered to be the largest and most modern cinema center in Lithuania. The center also offers a pizza restaurant, a candy shop and a balcony, which is also a screening room and has a cinema bar on one side where the audience can get a drink to enjoy with the movies.


Conveniently located in one of the most popular of Vilnius’ shopping malls, Ozas, Multikino offers a variety of Hollywood blockbusters, many of which can be seen either in 3D or the classic format. This cinema is especially great for kids since there is a game and entertainment center located right next to it in the mall. The managers will also be happy to organize kids’ birthday parties at the cinema with some special features, such as a special birthday greeting on the big screen, VIP seats in the cinema hall, an animator and a variety of snacks and surprises.

Multikino, Ozo g. 18, Vilnius, Lithuania, +370 6 205 1558

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