The 8 Best Ways to Enjoy Vilnius on a Rainy Day

Rain in Vilnius
Rain in Vilnius | © Guillaume Speurt / Flickr
Kasparas Asmonaitis

“Čia Lietuva, čia lietus lyja,” is a very common saying in Lithuania, which translates into English as, “It is Lithuania, the rain is raining here.” Every tourist should be prepared for rain while visiting Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Read our guide to find out the best ways to enjoy Vilnius on a rainy day.

1. Visit the National Museum of Lithuania


The National Museum of Lithuania is the biggest museum in Lithuania, containing more than 800,000 items, which all help visitors to understand the rich culture of Lithuania. There is everything from ancient coins to national clothing to archeological findings to old symbols of the once most powerful Lithuanian families. It is an enormous museum, so you can spend a day or two exploring Vilnius’ and Lithuania’s past when it is raining outside.

Kayak in the streets of the Old Town

The summer of 2017 has been extremely rainy so far, and there were a couple of occasions when the streets were flooded. For those who love some extreme and crazy activities, kayaking in the streets of the Vilnius Old Town might sound like a great idea. However, it takes an awful lot of rain to flood the streets, and it doesn’t happen that often.

Taste Lithuanian beer

Lithuania is known as a country that produces the highest quality beer, so it would be a shame to leave Vilnius without trying at least one of many local beers. There are tons of local bars in Vilnius that openly invite people from all over to experience Lithuania through food and drink.

Go to the dungeons

Vilnius is a very old city, so there are also a lot of secrets hidden beneath the ground. There are quite a few tours that take you to the dungeons of Vilnius. If you want to find out all the fascinating facts about old times in Vilnius, be sure to visit the dungeons, and there is no better time to do it than when it is raining outside, as it makes every cellar and basement look even spookier.

Try out the escape rooms

Escape rooms have become a very popular attraction in recent years in Vilnius, and there are a lot of interesting places, such as abandoned buildings or spaceships, which you can try to escape with your friends. This pastime usually takes around an hour, and it is one of the best things to do for quiz fans in Vilnius.

Stroll through the empty streets

People assume that they must hide from the rain, but so often the best way to appreciate the rain is to stroll through the empty streets. Vilnius is a busy city, so rain might be the best way to get those streets of the Old Town all to yourself and experience this historic city without any interruptions.

Rain in Vilnius

Go shopping

There are a lot of huge malls in Vilnius where you can spend days shopping and buying souvenirs for your family and friends back home. Visitors usually choose to bring some amber jewelry as a gift from Lithuania as the Baltics are known to have the best amber in the world. Also, after you are done shopping, you can go to the movies or ice-skating.

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