The 10 Best Restaurants to Try Lithuanian Cuisine in Vilnius

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Kasparas Asmonaitis

One of the best parts about visiting Lithuania is a chance to enjoy Lithuanian cuisine with all the delicious and unique dishes. The best place to start your gastronomic journey is in Vilnius, where the most famous chefs live and work. Here is the list of the restaurants that you need to visit for a true taste of the local cuisine.

1. Senoji Trobele

Restaurant, Lithuanian

Senoji Trobele is one of the most popular restaurants when it comes to Lithuanian cuisine. The staff is very professional and always ready to introduce you to the traditional Lithuanian dishes and help you make the best choice. We highly recommend trying their delicious fried bread, which is the most common appetizer in Lithuania!

2. Lokys

Restaurant, Lithuanian

Lokys has a very traditional Lithuanian atmosphere, friendly staff, and professional chefs. It is located in a very prestigious center area of Vilnius, so you will be able to enjoy beautiful views while tasting Lithuanian food. During the hot summer season, you must order cold beetroot soup with hot potatoes on the side.

3. Snekutis

Pub, Restaurant, Pub Grub

Cepelinai is without a doubt the most iconic Lithuanian dish, which you just have to try while visiting this wonderful country. And Snekutis is always a good choice for cepelinai, so you can expect to meet many people who come to this restaurant for that same reason!

4. Busi Trecias

Pub, Nightclub, Pub Grub

Busi Trecias is one of the favorite bars in Vilnius among locals because it has cheap delicious beer, high-quality food, and a splendid atmosphere. Also, Busi Trecias is located in the party area of the city, so you can easily find some good nightclubs in which to dance your calories away after a fulfilling dinner.

5. Forto Dvaras

Restaurant, Lithuanian

There are a couple of Forto Dvaras restaurants in Vilnius and around Lithuania, and they are all known to be a perfect place to eat Lithuanian food, including breathtaking desserts such as sakotis.

6. Aline Leiciai

Pub, Restaurant, Pub Grub, Beer

The pub Leičiai, Vilnius
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Aline Leiciai is a perfect place for people who enjoy drinking beer with their food. There is a huge selection of local and foreign beers at Aline Leiciai as well as homemade mead, which is pretty hard to get in Lithuania.

7. Zemaiciu Asotis

Restaurant, Lithuanian

Zemaiciu Asotis is a very popular restaurant among locals because of the cheap prices, big portions, and a chill atmosphere. There are plenty of traditional Lithuanian dishes to choose from, but those who want to eat international food can find options as well.

8. Berneliu Uzeiga

Restaurant, Lithuanian

Berneliu Uzeiga is a traditional Lithuanian restaurant with many years of experience in this business, so you can expect to receive the highest quality service and food! You must absolutely try their delicious kugelis.

9. Amatininku Uzeiga

Pub, Restaurant, Pub Grub

Amatininku Uzeiga is located in the heart of Vilnius’ Old Town, offering its customers more than just delicious food. The staff is extremely friendly, and the views of the city are gorgeous! Also, it is probably the best place in Vilnius to try beetroot soup.

10. Gabi

Restaurant, Italian, Lithuanian

Gabi restaurant offers its customers delicious food from fish to Italian cuisine to traditional Lithuanian dishes. It also has its own beer brand, Gabi, so make sure to try it. Locals really love to eat at this place, so expect to meet many people here.

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