Where to Get the Best Street Food in Florence, Italy

AllAntico Vinaio in Florence offers some of the best street food in Italy
All'Antico Vinaio in Florence offers some of the best street food in Italy | © Antonio Gravante / Alamy
Francesca Masotti

Florence is a paradise for street food lovers. Here’s where to get the most exquisite traditional street food.

In Florence, you’ll find plenty of chioschi (street food trucks) located in the city centre, where you can buy Florentine delicacies. Try food that you won’t find in the rest of Italy, such as trippa (the edible lining of the cow’s stomach) or lampredotto (the fourth and final stomach of a cow), generally slow-cooked with tomato, onion and parsley, or schiacciata (a typical salt bread).

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Da Nerbone at Mercato Centrale

The most famous place in Florence to sample typical street food is, without a doubt, Da Nerbone. This historical spot is located on the ground floor of the Central Market in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood. Along with florists, butchers and shops offering local, fresh products, you’ll find lots of street food dishes here. Da Nerbone’s menu is cheap and varied, ranging from panini and pasta to the best lampredotto in Florence. Don’t give up if you see long lines in front of the restaurant: Da Nerbone deserves its fame and is the very best option to live an authentic Florentine culinary experience.

All’Antico Vinaio

Near the Uffizi Museum, in the street that connects Piazza della Signoria to Santa Croce, All’Antico Vinaio is the best place to eat a delicious panino. Situated among historic wine shops, this place has become one of the best places to eat in Italy, thanks to the use of social media, good marketing and, obviously, great food. If you are bothered by waiting in line, this place is not for you. But, if you have patience, you’ll be rewarded with a tasty schiacciata stuffed with Tuscan delicacies.

Da’ Vinattieri

Just a few steps from the National Museum of Bargello, in the heart of Florence’s centre, Da’ Vinattieri is one of the best spots in town for eating trippa and lampredotto. It is mostly frequented by locals, so it means that food is excellent and typically Tuscan. Florentines say that this place offers some of the best schiacciata in town, filled with Tuscan salami. But you can also taste Tuscan soups here, such as ribollita, made with bread, kale and beans, or pappa al pomodoro, a soup prepared with bread and tomatoes. Both are excellent.

L’Antico Trippaio

L’Antico Trippaio is an authentic Tuscan food truck, situated close to Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce and also Piazza della Repubblica. Here, you can eat trippa or lampredotto in the traditional Florentine way: standing or seated at a table in the street. The owner is very friendly and serves grilled sandwiches with either trippa or lampredotto, always accompanied by the classic green sauce. End your lunch with a cup of coffee.

Santarosa Bistro

If you are looking for something more elegant, Santarosa Bistro, a new spot hidden in a secret garden behind the walls close to Borgo San Frediano, along the Lungarno, is your destination. Here, you can enjoy a nice aperitif with your friends, with schiacciata, pizza and pappa al pomodoro, in one of the most beautiful locations in Florence. The wine list is great and curated by Enoteca Pitti Gola.

Trippaio del Porcellino

Trippaio del Porcellino is one of the best-known street food trucks in Florence, thanks to its location near Porcellino Market, a central market, where you can buy leather bags, jackets and belts. After shopping, you really deserve to eat something, and Trippaio del Porcellino is a perfect place to taste some Florentine food and sandwiches. You’ll easily find it by spotting the long queues in front of it.

‘L Trippaio di San Frediano

Located in the Oltrarno area, the coolest neighbourhood in Florence, ‘L Trippaio di San Frediano offers products of great quality that Florentines love. At this street food truck, you’ll not only find trippa and lampredotto, but also other kinds of sandwiches, such as hotdogs, hamburgers and delicious pasta. Remember to try one of these Florentine delicacies with a glass of good red wine or a beer. The prices are cheap – a sandwich costs around €3-4 (£2.50-3.50).
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