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The Top 10 Restaurants Near Piazza Santa Trinita, Florence
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The Top 10 Restaurants Near Piazza Santa Trinita, Florence

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Named after the church of Santa Trinita on the northwest side, this triangular square is surrounded by several Gothic and Renaissance palaces. After a lovely afternoon walking around the piazza and enjoying the rare beauty of several architectural jewels, there is nothing better than a meal at one of the outstanding nearby restaurants. Check out some of the best spots to visit.
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Cacio Vino Trallallà

Dedicated to provide you an authentic dining experience, this little bistro excels at combining top notch food with a casual, welcoming atmosphere. Run by a passionate couple, Cacio Vino Trallallà is focused on selected wines and new artisan beers, specialty cheeses, cinta senese meat, organic jams, and homemade desserts. Book a table, order one of their truffle dishes and get ready for an evening of culinary experimentation.

Address & telephone number: Borgo SS. Apostoli 29R, Florence, +39 055 215558

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Hostaria il Desco

What happens when traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine are married? The culinary paradise of Hostaria il Desco happens. A varied menu beyond description is challenging you to expand your flavor horizons with lots of options, including gluten-free dishes of exceptional quality.

Address & telephone number: Via delle Terme 23 / r, Florence, +39 055 294882

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Il Borro

This innovative place between a restaurant, a wine bar, and a store will surprise you with its evolved Tuscan cuisine; a contemporary retelling of local traditions. Taste the recognizable quality of your dish accompanied by a glass of the finest wine and let Il Borro take you on a multi-sensory gastronomic journey.

Address & telephone number: Lungarno Acciaiuoli 80r, Florence, +39 055 290423

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This is the place to find not only typical Tuscan dishes, but also more sophisticated, exotic ones. Open both for lunch and for dinner, Rose’s even offers lighter options like pasta and club sandwiches. Be sure to top off your meal with one of the magnificent desserts.

Address & telephone number: Via di Parione 26R, Florence, +39 055 287090

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Trattoria Nella

Located on a quiet street, this small trattoria is the perfect spot for a memorable Italian meal in a great atmosphere. Fresh pasta, amazing Florentine steak, excellent wine selection, a panna cotta that is out of this world combined with attentive service and frequent live sessions make Nella the ideal place for any food lover.

Address & telephone number: Via delle Terme 19r, Florence, +39 055 218925

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A special, romantic restaurant on a side street, Oliviero welcomes you with a glass of prosecco. Choose between the Tuscan traditional and the contemporary menu, or mix them and enjoy your meal with some freshly baked bread. In case you prefer something new and different, the varied options will not disappoint you. Do not forget the limoncello at the end.

Address & telephone number: Via Delle Terme 51r, Florence, +39 055 287643

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La Bussola

Looking for classic Italian dishes or missing a delicious pizza? Take a break at La Bussola to find the most creative culinary delights. Even if you are a single diner, you can sit at the pizza bar to meet some locals and visitors or read a book while waiting for your dish. Their list with local wines and their beloved desserts will blow your mind.

Address & telephone number: Via Porta Rossa 58/R, Florence, +39 055 293376

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Il Barretto

Established in 1959, this restaurant has managed to maintain the fascinating ambiance of the sixties, providing the ideal setting for a meal to remember. Although the beauty of Il Barretto is incomparable, what steals the show is the exquisite food, with several fish and meat creations, and their extensive wine list.

Address & telephone number: Via di Parione 50, Florence, +39 055 294122

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Pangie’s Bistrot

A lovely, small bistro you wouldn’t expect to find in the center of a place like Florence prepares simple meals full of flavor, made from carefully selected ingredients. Choose a local specialty from the menu on the blackboard and enjoy a casual meal according to the proposals of Pangie’s friendly, funny staff.

Address & telephone number: Via di Parione 43-45r, Florence, +39 055 295439

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Bistrò del Mare

No one can resist romance at a loft by the sea. When combined with the freshest, perfectly grilled seafood you can find in the city, the result is Bistrò del Mare. Visit this fish restaurant and follow your meal with a delightful dessert or fine liquor at the special corner inside.

Address & telephone number: Via Lungarno Corsini 4, Florence, +39 055 239 9224