The 8 Most Beautiful Towns in Sardinia

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Sara Darling

From seaside villages steeped in local lore to moody mountain towns and the prettiest spot for an Aperol spritz, these are our favourite settlements on one of the most beautiful islands in Italy.

There is no doubt that sea swimming, sailing and sunbathing are rife on the pretty island of Sardinia – and you can trek for miles along the coastline without seeing another soul. But don’t overlook its busier spots, too. Its towns, cities and villages are rich with history, nightlife and authentic local culture and, from the north of the island to the southernmost tip, these are our absolute favourites.

1. Alghero

Architectural Landmark

Bird cages hanging across buildings, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
Jürgen Scheeff / Unsplash

With its atmospheric historic centre, veined with snaking cobbled lanes, medieval gothic architecture and traditional tavernas hidden behind colourful, crumbling walls, Alghero is the scene-stealer of Sardinia’s cities. As well as excellent bars – head to the sea wall to bag a prime spot for sunset cocktails – the restaurants are excellent and it has dramatic scenery on tap with views over the glittering yacht-dotted bay towards the towering cliffs of the Capo Caccia peninsula.

2. Cala Gonone

Architectural Landmark

Cala Gonone, Nuoro, Italy
Christian Keybets / Unsplash

There are plenty of hairpin bends on the route to Cala Gonone, but once you get your breath back, you’ll fall in love with this pretty, sleepy town on the east coast. Hidden away at the base of steep rugged mountains, it’s the jumping-off point for boat trips up and down the Gulf of Orosei, where Sardinia’s best beaches lie hidden away, off the beaten path. That’s not to overlook its own beach, which is long, wide and blinding white.

3. Tempio Pausania

Natural Feature

Rainbow coloured brickes streets in Italy, Sardinia, Tempio Pausania (Tempiu)
Maurizio Savigni / Unsplash

If you fancy a day off from the sea and sand, Tempio – up in the mountains at the north end of the island – has a moody, mysterious vibe, with plenty of excellent hiking routes to set off on. The lush hillsides of Mount Limbara are cloaked in gnarled cork oak trees, which, as well as looking like something out of the Lord of the Rings set, produce the cork products – from keyrings and coasters to shoes, bags and even dresses – sold in the town’s boutique shops, such as Anna Grindi Atelier.

4. Santa Teresa Gallura

Natural Feature

Capo Testa, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia, Italy
Massimo Virgilio / Unsplash

If you want to base yourself in an affordable, easy-going seaside town, Santa Teresa Gallura is for you. Local life revolves around the large, more contemporary Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, which is lined cheek-by-jowl with bars, gelatarias and souvenir shops. It has a large, popular beach and is a short drive from the rugged, romantic Capo Testa, with its wind-carved granite boulders and more secluded little beaches.

5. La Maddalena

Architectural Landmark

La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy
Jürgen Scheeff / Unsplash

The central town at the heart of the Maddalena archipelago, this cute, colourful town is the jumping-off point for exploring the 60-odd islands that dot the Bonifacio Strait. You can charter a private boat to visit those open to the public, or take your car on the ferry over from Palau on the main island and drive over to Caprera, a largely uninhabited island fringed by enough picnic blanket-sized beaches for everyone to have their own.

6. Santa Maria Navarese

Architectural Landmark

Local legend says this pretty coastal town was named after the lovestruck Princess Navarra, who eloped to sea one night with her lover. Tragically, their boat was wrecked, but Navarra was saved and so dedicated a church to the Virgin Mary out of gratitude. True or not, it doesn’t really matter, as this place has enough real fairytale magic on its own. Enfolded within groves of olive and pine trees at the base of soaring limestone cliffs and fringed by a white sand beach, it reeks of romance.

7. Castelsardo

Natural Feature

Italian town on a hill, Castelsardo, province of Sassari, Italy
Daniel Dorfer / Unsplash

Founded by a Genovese family during the 12th century, Castelsardo is famous for its ancient castle, crumbling fortresses and traditional handicrafts – throughout the city, you’ll see women weaving patterned baskets for sale. High up on the periphery of the town, the citadel has been preserved and transformed into a cluster of traditional restaurants and bars, with gobsmacking sunset views over the endless stretch of sand along the island’s north coast.

8. San Pantaleo

Architectural Landmark

For pure postcard prettiness, there are few places that best this charming little village in the hills above Olbia. With its cluster of original stone cottages (many housing boutique shops and cafes), bar-encircled church square and dramatic Dolomite-like backdrop of spiky granite peaks, it’s a must-visit – even if just to stop by for its weekly bric-a-brac, food and fashion market (every Thursday) and a gelato in its piazza while local kids kick a football back and forth.

9. Don't Miss Neptune's Grotto, for an otherworldly cave

Natural Feature

If you’re feeling adventurous, take the long seaside staircase escala del cabirol, or “goat steps,” down to this incredible natural wonder near Alghero. The grotto takes its name from Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. Inside you’ll find a large saltwater lake and both stalactites and stalagmites that create an otherworldly experience. If you don’t fancy climbing down (and up) the 656 steps, and if the water is calm, you can take a boat from the harbour in the Port of Alghero. Recommended by Gillian McGuire

This is an updated version of an article originally by Gillian McGuire.

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