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The 10 Best Restaurants In Brera, Milan
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Brera, Milan

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Updated: 27 October 2017
Once Milan’s most artistic area, the Brera district is one big pedestrian zone. The area is home to fantastic cocktail bars, charming little cafés, gelaterias and, of course, excellent restaurants. The Brera district comes alive during long summer nights in Italy, where visitors are invited to enjoy food and drinks in the many lovely outdoor seating areas.
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Ristorante Emilia e Carlo

Ristorante Emilia e Carlo is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for a very formal and high quality meal in an elegant atmosphere. The restaurant’s menu, which rotates on a seasonal basis, includes delicious specialty dishes, such as Tuscan ham with figs, spaghetti with clams and bottarga (cured fish roe), and Chianina beef mille-feuille (a French pastry). Ristorante Emilia e Carlo also features an excellent selection of Italian wines, directly sourced from surrounding regions, as well as a hand-picked choice of a few outstanding French wines.

Via Guiseppe Sacchi 8, Milan, Italy, +39 02 862100

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L’Osteria di Brera

L’Osteria di Brera was first opened with the idea of offering an alternative to the classic Milanese menu that can be found all over the city. The head chef and owner, Enrico Forti, decided to open a seafood restaurant that would combine both elements of typical Neapolitan cuisine and modern influences in terms of raw vegetables, sashimi and tartare. With over 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, Enrico Forti has established an incredibly successful restaurant with diverse dishes, like lobster alla Napoletana, with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil or cavatelli pasta with fresh tuna, aubergines and mint.

Via Fiori Chiari 8, 20121 Milan, Italy, +39 02 8909 6628

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Senzatempo Ristoro

Senzatempo Ristoro was created with the philosophy of offering an intimate and comfortable, yet refined, place to enjoy excellent cuisine. The young staff members of Senzetempo Ristoro and head chef Bastien aim towards creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, paired with elegant design and creative dishes. On the one hand, the restaurant serves exquisite seafood dishes, such as spaghetti with clams and bottarga or the famous lobster, scampi and shrimp, which arrive daily from Sicily. On the other hand, Senzatempo also caters for lovers of classic Mediterranean cuisine with veal cutlet or steak.

Foro Buonaparte, 52, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8909 2680

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Trattoria Non è Peccato

Trattoria Non è Peccato, located in Via Dell’Orso, is a fantastic restaurant that serves traditional Neapolitan dishes, with a focus on the culinary history of the area. Trattoria Non è Peccato serves both fish and meat specialties, including the classic cotoletta alla Milanese (fried cutlets), and inventive dishes, such as gamberoni al vino (prawns with white wine) or carpaccio e tartare di pesce (raw fish). The restaurant also offers a special candlelit dinner with a set menu that can be pre-booked for special occasions.

Via Dell’Orso 4, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8341 9934

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Hong Kong Crossover

The Hong Kong Crossover is an excellent Oriental restaurant in the heart of Milan that successfully combines the long standing tradition of Eastern cuisine with modern influences in fusion cooking. Ken, head chef and owner of the Hong Kong Crossover, introduces his guests to a real Eastern crossover cuisine with an exceptionally diverse menu. The restaurant’s Japanese menu centers around maki, sushi and sashimi, whereas the Asian menu concentrates on classic beef and duck dishes, such as fillet of beef in teriyaki sauce, Cantonese grilled duck or duck with lemongrass and pineapple.

Via Ciovasso 5, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8901 0313

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Il consolare

Il consolare, situated in the heart of Milan’s Brera district, is one the city’s best fish and seafood restaurants. This restaurant offers everything a seafood lover could want. Excellent grilled calamari, octopus, scampi and a wide choice of locally caught fish are delivered fresh to the restaurant every morning. There is also a fantastic selection of homemade desserts, including the Italian classics – tiramisu and panna cotta with fresh fruit.

Via Ciovasso 4, Milan, Italy, +39 02 805 3581

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Although not exclusively vegetarian, fresh vegetables and locally sourced fruit take the lead in Refettorio’s diverse menu. The restaurant is dedicated to organic and biodynamic ingredients that are used to cook delicious treats every day. The menu, which serves the aims of simplicity, flavor and taste, changes nearly daily and is adapted to the seasons. Refettorio also serves a great selection of natural wines with its outstandingly healthy food options.

Via Dell’Orso 2, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8909 6664

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Momus Ristorante

Momus Ristorante, located in Via Arco, is a classic Italian restaurant that focuses on a great selection of pizzas, fresh from its traditional wood burning oven, a choice of pastas, lasagna and risotto, as well as Italian desserts. The specialties of the house are the pizza margherita that comes with mozzarella and fresh basil and the crostata ai fruitti di bosco, which is a traditional Italian fruit cake. This is the perfect place to experience authentic Milanese culinary culture at very reasonable prices.

Via Arco 1, Milan, Italy, +39 02 805 1762

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Il Kaimano

Il Kaimano is a family-run restaurant that serves typically Italian cuisine, which includes everything from a delicious range of pizzas to succulent beef steak. The restaurant offers excellent Italian culinary culture, and uses fresh ingredients. Even though Il Kaimano is located in a rather touristy area of the city, it still attracts locals, which gives guests the opportunity to experience authentic culture. This restaurant serves great traditional pizzas in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Via Fiori Chiari 20, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8050 2733

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Nabucco, located in the charming Via Fiori Chiari, welcomes guests into a charming atmosphere and a beautiful outdoor terrace. The restaurant specializes in classic Italian cuisine with homemade pasta and other traditional Milanese delicacies, while also experimenting with inventive dishes, such as the ricotta filled pumpkin flowers. Nabucco also offers a special candlelit dinner in an especially romantic atmosphere with soft classical or jazz music.

Via Fiori Chiari 10, Milan, Italy, +39 02 860663