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The 10 Best Local Restaurants In Florence

The 10 Best Local Restaurants In Florence

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The cradle of Renaissance, Florence, is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its beauty attracts so many visitors that it might be hard to find a good place to eat which isn’t unreasonably overpriced and still serves top-notch quality local food. Check out our guide to the best places in Florence to eat like a local.
Santa Croce, Florence
Santa Croce, Florence| © David Wright/Flickr

Nobile Bistro

This little bistro has barely any space inside but during the warm months there are plenty of tables outside in the charming Piazza Di Madonna Degli Aldobrandini to sit and enjoy the sunshine. The bistro mainly serves panini which are an absolute favorite with the locals for lunch or as an afternoon snack. Every single ingredient they use is fresh and of great quality (even the bread is freshly baked) and their variety of fillings won’t let you get bored; if in doubt just ask the friendly owners for recommendations.

Address: Nobile Bistro, Piazza Di Madonna Degli Aldobrandini 13/R, Florence, Italy, +393389670207

Fuoco Matto

Fuoco Matto is a lovely restaurant situated just a minutes walk away from the city center that serves wonderful Italian and Tuscan food made to perfection. The decor is simple and understated, but the main focus is the food. Whether you go for their fabulous appetizer of aged ham, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella or the mouth-watering Fiorentina steak (named after the city), you won’t be disappointed. For dessert, make sure to try their tiramisu, which is simply one of the best you can get. The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and hospitable, often offering complimentary drinks such as prosecco to customers.

Address: Fuoco Matto, Via Ventisette Aprile, 16, Florence, Italy, +39 055 495140

Fiorentina steak
Fiorentina steak| © Massimo Regonati/Flickr

50 Sfumature di Gusto

Playfully named 50 Shades of Taste is situated in the vicinity of Buonarotti House and the beautiful Basilica di Santa Croce. The simple and elegant interiors are enhanced by the wonderfully arranged food, made to resemble works of art. They serve everything Italian, from pizzas to pasta, from vegetable croquettes to steak tartare. Try their calzone pizza and the unique recipe of pasta with zucchini flowers, leeks and goat cream.

Address: 50 Sfumature di Gusto, Via Ghibellina, 51/r, Florence, Italy, +39 055245956

Nedo L’ Officina Dei Golosi

Situated just off the city center, on the banks of River Arno, this little restaurant offers a great variety of traditional Tuscan dishes as well as some more modern interpretations. The two brothers that run the restaurant and the rest of the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and English-speaking. Try their huge tortelloni, beef tartare or a huge platter of gorgeous cheese, ham and grilled vegetables.

Address: Nedo L’ Officina Dei Golosi, Piazza Paolo Uccello 12, Florence, Italy, +39055715246

La Buchetta Café

This lovely central restaurant is small and always busy with locals. The reasons for that are the warm romantic atmosphere and the delicious Italian food. Some of the patrons’ favorites include gnocchi, ravioli, prosciutto e melone (ham and melon starter) and the scrumptious pana cotta. The wine list is not very long but perfectly selected to accompany every meal. The owner and staff are very helpful and speak great English too.

Address: La Buchetta Café, Via De’ Benci 3/3a, Florence, Italy, +39 055 217833

Prosciutto e melone
Prosciutto e melone| © Luca Nebuloni/Flickr

Mangia Pizza Firenze

The little restaurant specializes in ciabatta Fiorentina, which is a Tuscan version of pizza. It is different from the traditional pizza since instead of the usual dough base, ciabatta pizzas use a square flatbread which is then enriched with tomato paste and other ingredients. The restaurant is very small and barely cooks any other dishes, but a slice of wonderful, thin and crusty pizza with fresh ingredients and a glass of wine is all you really need, right?

Address: Mangia Pizza Firenze, Via Lambertesca 24/26, Florence, Italy, +39 055 287595

Vini e Vecchi Sapori

This little restaurant, beloved by the locals, is a vibrant and busy haunt close to Palazzo Vecchio in the heart of the city. The atmosphere is very cozy and visitors will feel immediately at home. The pink ravioli and Osso Bucco with green peas are to die for. For drinks, do not bother thinking about the wine; just go with their house wine which is simply great. It is also a good idea to order their grappa after your meal; it is very smooth and tasty.

Address: Vini e Vecchi Sapori, Via Dei Magazzini 3R, Florence, Italy, +39 055 293045

The raspberry tiramisu
The raspberry tiramisu| © sushi♥ina/Flickr

Ristorante Dino

Situated in the historical center of Florence, Ristorante Dino is a small intimate restaurant based in a building dating back to 1490, which consists of two comfortable rooms with air conditioning. The beamed ceilings and arches inside are reminders of the Renaissance period when the building was originally constructed. Some of Dino’s specialties include risotto della Renza, a traditional risotto dish with a wonderful combination of fresh aromatic herbs gathered in the Florentine countryside, a Florentine-style onion soup and malfatti, fresh noodles prepared with garlic cloves, fresh thyme leaves, crushed chili peppers, a touch of tomato paste and vegetable broth.

Address: Ristorante Dino, Via Ghibellina, 47r, Florence, Italy, +39 055 241452

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
Palazzo Vecchio, Florence| © Sean X Liu/Flickr

Osteria Vecchio Cancello

This restaurant, located not far away from the train station, boasts stunning décor with ceramic mosaics, beautiful paintings and bookshelves filled with vintage books, and Tuscan wines decorating the walls. Osteria Vecchio Cancello serves a mix of Italian and refined European cuisine. Whatever you order, the food promises to be mouth-watering, especially their seafood dishes. The service is excellent and they also have a good and well-priced wine list.

Address: Osteria Vecchio Cancello, Via Guelfa 138r, Florence, Italy, +39055494234


This lovely trattoria is cozy and beautiful, with vintage decor elements and antique chandeliers creating a very romantic ambiance. Cicalone serves a variety of great pasta, meat dishes, antipasti platters and desserts all accompanied by flavorful Tuscan wines or prosecco for a sweet option. Try the beef tagliata with rocket and Parma ham, their tiramisu and the house red wine.

Address: Cicalone, Via Delle Belle Donne 43 R, Florence, Italy, +39 055 215492