The 10 Best Brunch Spots Near Spaccanapoli, Naples

The 10 Best Brunch Spots Near Spaccanapoli, Naples
More than just a country of rich history and breathtaking landscapes, Italy is also a well known haven for foodies. Spaccanapoli is probably the ideal place not only to feel the soul of the city, but also to taste some authentic Italian treats. After a morning of sightseeing in the heart of Naples, stop by one of the best brunch spots around to restore your lost energy before you continue discovering the rest of the district’s surprises.
Sfogliatella at Scaturchio © Luca Moglia/Flickr


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This is the local hotspot for gourmets. Historic Giovanni Scaturchio, located in San Domenico’s square, has a reputation of more than a century for making the best cakes in Naples. Where tradition meets modernity, the finest sweet treats in the city are made. Whatever you chose to taste, this old bakery is definitely not to be missed.

Address & telephone number: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 19, Naples, +39 081 551 7031

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Gran Caffè Neapolis

Take a brunch break at the modern tearoom of Gran Caffè Neapolis or sit outside for some people-watching. Although the friendly staff and free wi-fi cannot be overlooked, what will probably win your heart are the mouthwatering sfogliatelle.

Address & telephone number: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 14/15, Naples, +39 081 658 4536


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Babà was invented in Naples and here you can find the best in the city, if not in the world. Located just across the street from the legendary pizzeria Sorbillo, Mazzarro hosts a lovely selection of cakes including some unique specialties. Choose this lovely, typical Neapolitan patisserie and experience the culinary scene and local hospitality at their best.
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Buona Merenda

Beloved by locals, this is where they always stop for a quick coffee when they are around. Get the chance to taste some fresh and lovely combinations that Buona Merenda is ready to provide you. Do not miss their amazing espresso and gourmet sandwiches or croissants and satisfy your sweet tooth with some irresistible muffins.

Address & telephone number: Via San Biagio dei Librai 19, Naples, +37 081 5802274

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Caffè Svelato

Among other things, Naples is well known for its coffee, and Svelato is where you will find the best in the city. Spend a few moments there and order a doppio (double) espresso, a cappuccino or a lungo macchiato (stretched espresso with a spot of milk). Enjoy it with a sweet or snack at one of the few small tables in front or sip it by the bar, just like locals do.


Some people describe their culinary experience at Capparelli as almost spiritual. Capparelli and its passionate staff have set the highest standards regarding local, creamy pastries. Before you leave, don’t miss the chance to sample some heavenly baked zeppole.

Address & telephone number: Via dei Tribunali 325, Naples, +39 081 454310

San Gaetano

San Gaetano is also known as Babaland, and you can easily guess why. Whether you crave for a savory or a sweet snack, San Gaetano will certainly be a pleasant surprise.

Address & telephone number: Via Dei Tribunali 329, Naples, +39 08 1454408

Voglia di Graffa

Although recently opened, Voglia di Graffa is luckily tied to the old Neapolitan traditions. Voglia di Graffa is a small paradise where you are able to taste some made to order donuts out of this world as well as a few other sweet delights.

Address & telephone number: Via Tribunali 363, Naples, +39 081 295623


VyTa is a relaxing oasis conveniently housed in the lower level of the central train station. This outstanding little boulangerie with a great selection of snacks and beverages is the best way to pass your time. Don’t forget to sip one last cappuccino, presented in the most creative ways.

Address & telephone number: Piazza Garibaldi, Stazione Centrale, Naples