The Top 10 Restaurants In Spaccanapoli, Naples

The Top 10 Restaurants In Spaccanapoli, Naples
Dating back to the Greco-Roman period and being a crossroad of different cultures, Naples has felt the influence of the various cultures on its gastronomy. While you stroll through the narrow streets of Spaccanapoli, do not miss the chance to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the district’s restaurants. Whether you choose pizza or not, this is the perfect place to fall in love with Neapolitan cuisine. Let’s take a look at the best spots in the area.
Neapolitan pizza © Thomas Duesing/Flickr

Gino Sorbillo

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Vegetarian, Vegan, Fast Food, Street Food, Italian, $$$
Frutti Di Mare
Frutti Di Mare | © Brandon/Flickr
No one goes to Gino Sorbillo for the view or the fancy interior. It is the unique, authentic taste that makes this restaurant’s pizzas unforgettable. With such incredibly thin dough, lots of delicious topping choices, and fresh ingredients, there is no doubt that Gino Sorbillo will provide you one of the best food experiences you can have in the whole city. Since it always get crowded, go early if you don’t want to wait for a table.
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Palazzo Petrucci

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$

After visiting San Domenico, enter this small restaurant and enjoy a first-class dining experience. Palazzo Petrucci is a Michelin 1-star gem offering exquisite food choices at surprisingly reasonable prices. Innovative flavor and imaginative presentation give life to revisited Neapolitan recipes, ready to please all your senses. Try to get a table on the roof and enjoy the amazing view of the historic center, and don’t forget to accompany your meal with a glass of excellent white wine.

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Donna Sophia

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan
Tiramisu | © Sasha Fujin/Flickr
Just a few steps from the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno, your nose will lead you to the entrance of a rustic yet modern and casual restaurant. Donna Sophia’s large wood-fired pizzas with a variety of toppings and fantastic taste, as well as a couple of delicious local vegetable and pastry starters, are the best way to reward yourself after a busy day.
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Are you tired of pizza and want to taste something new. At Ecomesarà, a masterful chef is creating playful dishes that tickle the tongue. Enjoy some of the most outstanding treats you can find in Naples in a lovely, calm atmosphere. Whether you try the fresh, exquisite seafood or the creative combinations of pasta dishes, your expectations will be exceeded, no matter how high they are. Before you leave, try some tiramisu or ice cream to cap off a memorable evening.
Address & telephone number: Via Santa Chiara 49, Naples, +39 081 1925 9353

Di Matteo

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian, Mediterranean
Mmm... lo mein
Mmm... lo mein | © jeffreyw/Flickr
When you first arrive at Di Matteo, you can’t tell there is a restaurant inside. After watching others, you will learn that you have to tell the man selling slices you want a table and then you simply follow the stairs leading to a cozy room. Beloved by locals for its reasonable prices, great pizzas and delicious fried antipasti, Di Matteo will explain why Naples is the pizza capital of the world.
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La Taverna A Santa Chiara

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I Decumani
I Decumani | © Foodie Baker/Flickr
The fertile volcanic soil of Campania combines with a perfect climate to produce the best fruit and vegetables in Italy, and people of La Taverna a Santa Chiara are obviously aware of their good fortune. Located next to a church, this small restaurant is across two-levels, healthily obsessed with local producers and slow food ingredients. Everything is organic, bought fresh on a daily basis and cooked with great skill and care. The attentive and knowledgeable staff only adds to an exceptional experience.
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I Decumani

If you’re looking for typical, authentic pizza with a wood- burned crust topped by a wonderful tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, you have found it. I Decumani, full of little tables and Italian decor, offers you more than 40 kinds of pizza. Despite the fact that it is an extremely popular spot, their lightning fast service won’t let you wait too much. Do not miss the superb fried pizzas or the great vegetarian options.
Address & telephone number: Via Turbinali 58, Naples, +39 081 557 12 09

La Cantina Di Via Sapienza

Restaurant, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
Naked Pistachio Baklava
Naked Pistachio Baklava | © Rosemary Sanchez/Flickr
Renowned for its simple, seasonal, Neapolitan fare, La Cantina di Via Sapienza is a small restaurant serving authentic, home-cooked local dishes. Open for lunch only, it is a simple place with no more than 12 tables, yet always filled with locals. Whatever you choose from their menu, which changes daily, will convince you to try it again.
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When you are ready to branch out from the Neopolitan classics, this is definitely worth a try. With Moroccan decor and filled with bright colors, geometric patterns, and lantern-style lights, Amir gives a brilliant alternative to the typical pizza and pasta dishes. Well-spiced, tender meat and rice cooked to perfection accompanied by a ginger-spiced liqueur will definitely satisfy any food lover. Save some room for the delicious desserts, like the top-notch baklava.
Address & telephone number: Via Santa Chiara 25, Naples, +39 081 5527380

La Campagnola

With a handwritten menu on a board and an excellent variety of dishes, La Campagnola offers traditional Italian food. Try some of the delicious starters and do not miss their popular stuffed zucchini flowers or the tasty pasta. Enjoy your meal at the most welcoming, hospitable atmosphere you will ever find.
Address & telephone number: Via Turbinali 47, Naples, +39 081 459034