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Florence| ©Chris Yunker/Flickr
Florence| ©Chris Yunker/Flickr
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20 Must-Visit Attractions in Florence, Italy

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Updated: 22 October 2017
Florence is home to many Medieval and Renaissance treasures. For art enthusiasts there is no better place to spend their holidays than in the Tuscan capital city. From famous landmarks to off-the-beaten-path spots, Florence is plenty of must visit attractions that you can’t miss.
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The Duomo

If there is a building which represents Florence the most, it is the Duomo. This magnificent example of Gothic architecture is one of the most famous churches of Italy and the fourth biggest in Europe. Prepare yourself to spend some of your time in line to reach the top of the cathedral, but once there you’ll admire the most terrific views over the rooftops of Florence.

Cathedral of Florence, Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Italy, +39 0552302885

Quisiera tener una escalerita que me lleve al cielo 🌤para poder reencontrarme a las personas que quiero.

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Campanile di Giotto

Located just few steps from the duomo, Campanile di Giotto is the bell tower of the cathedral complex of Florence. It was designed by the great artist Giotto and continued later by other prominent artists. The campanile is also known to be one of the most famous panoramic spots of Florence.

Campanile di Giotto, Piazza Duomo, Florence, Italy, +39 0552302885

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Piazza della Repubblica

One of the best places to relax and sip a coffee is Piazza della Repubblica. The square is filled with famous bars and a nice carousel where you can take a ride with your partner, friends or family. The bars located here are very expensive, but you can at least enjoy a good coffee.

Piazza della Repubblica, Florence, Italy

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Central Market

For a quick lunch, there is no better place to go than Mercato Centrale. It is the largest and most famous market in town, divided in two sections: On the ground floor you can do shopping and buy typical Tuscan food, while on the next floor there are several restaurants where you can taste Italian delicacies.

Mercato Centrale, Via dell’Ariento, Florence, Italy, +39 0552399798

Cibo buono 💞

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Basilica of San Lorenzo

Near the market there is San Lorenzo’s church, one of the oldest religious complexes of Florence. This is the place where many members of the Medici family were buried, specifically in the Medici chapels. San Lorenzo is often overrated by tourists attracted by the most famous churches of the town, so if you want to avoid lines come here.

Basilica di San Lorenzo, Piazza di San Lorenzo 9, Florence, Italy, +39 055216634

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Palazzo Strozzi

This massive structure is home to the most important art exhibitions of Tuscany. Twice a year it hosts international art fairs: from Picasso to Ai Weiwei, from Bill Viola to Kandinsky, Palazzo Strozzi is a must for art enthusiasts. Currently is an exhibit dedicated to the Italian Renaissance.

Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza degli Strozzi, Florence, Italy, +39 0552645155

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Ponte Vecchio

No trip to Florence is complete without a tour on Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in town. It was the only bridge not destroyed during the bombs of the second World War and today is one of the most famous places to go shopping.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

📷 @ypsylon_ 📍Ponte vecchio. Non molti sanno che fu visitato da Hitler, Mussolini e le gerarchie naziste e fasciste in occasione del viaggio dei tedeschi in Italia del 1938 in cerca di alleanze. In seguito alla ritirata delle truppe naziste, questo fu l'unico ponte di Firenze che non venne fatto saltare dai tedeschi nel 1944 nel corso della seconda guerra mondiale, ciò grazie anche al provvidenziale intervento del rappresentante tedesco a Firenze Gerhard Wolf, il quale nel dopoguerra ottenne per questo ed altri meriti la cittadinanza onoraria di Firenze e che è ricordato con una targa apposta sul ponte medesimo. Furono però pesantemente danneggiati i punti di accesso al ponte, le zone di via Por Santa Maria, via Guicciardini e borgo San Jacopo che oggi sono così incongruamente moderne per via della frettolosa ricostruzione dei primi anni cinquanta. Il Corridoio Vasariano nei convulsi giorni della liberazione rimase l'unico modo di spostarsi fra nord e sud della città, come è testimoniato anche nell'episodio dedicato a Firenze nel film Paisà di Roberto Rossellini, dove la protagonista passa in incognito da una spoglia Galleria degli Uffizi piena di statue antiche impacchettate. 🔍 Foto selezionate da: @danirossi80 & @bellerofonte70 👍 Segui tutte le storie nella nostra pagina Facebook 📝 #ig_italia #italia #instagramitalia #ig_italia_borghiecitta #italy #firenze

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Palazzo Vecchio

The old palace is the administrative centre of Florence. But only few parts of it are visible today, such as a few chambers and courtyards. It is used to celebrate weddings, so perhaps a good location if you are thinking to tie the knot.

Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy, +39 0552768325

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Uffizi Gallery

The most famous Italian museum is located in Florence, just few steps from the Old Palace. Uffizi is a must-see spot during your Florentine tour, but remember to book the tickets online to avoid the endless lines at the entrance. Here, you’ll see masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raffaello and so on.

Galleria degli Uffizi, Piazzale degli Uffizi 6, Florence, Italy, +39 05523885

Next time. I will come to visit again. #uffizi #uffizigallery

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Vasari Corridor

This hidden spot, which connects Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti, was built by the artist Giorgio Vasari in 1564 and was used by the Medici family to walk through the city unseen by common people. Now it sports a magnificent gallery, home to many pieces of art.

Corridoio Vasariano, Florence, Italy

С открытием "Коридора Вазари" посетить два музея можно по одному билету. Палаццо Веккьо и Галерея Уффици во Флоренции снова объединились после многих столетий. С 5 июля открылся путь, который отделяет два музея – муниципальный и государственный, и который является первым участком так называемого Пути князя или Вазарианского коридора, перехода, возведенного по приказу Козимо I Медичи и разработанного чтобы флорентийский Великий Князь мог с полной безопасностью передвигаться из Палаццо Веккьо, место заседаний правительства, в Палаццо Питти, частную резиденцию. Коридор был официально открыт в присутствии мэра города Дарио Нарделла, директора галереи Уффици Эйке Шмидта и министра культурного наследия Италии Дарио Франческини. Коридор Вазари #corridoiovasariano В 1565 году великий герцог Тосканский Козимо I Медичи (не путаем с Козимо I Веккьо/Старым) заказал архитектору Джорджо Вазари проект крытой галереи, которая соединяла бы палаццо Питти (собственно резиденцию Медичи на западном берегу реки Арно) с палаццо Веккьо – местоположение правительства. Коридор должен был позволять Козимо и его сыну Франческо Медичи, а равно титулованным гостям и государственным чиновникам быстро и скрытно перемещаться из одного дворца в другой, без пышных выездов в город. Расстояние в сущности небольшое, протяженность галереи всего 750 метров. И что же там такого интересного, в этом коридоре? Мало того, что по нему ходила уйма исторических личностей, от герцогов Тосканских и Римских пап, до Бонапарта и Гитлера с Муссолини, в галерее находится уникальная коллекция живописи. Еще до недавнего времени попасть в этот коридор было мечтой каждого, кто увлекался историей Флоренции, и сделать это было практически невозможно. Теперь у нас появился еще один повод для посещения прекрасной Флоренции

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Fashion Gallery in Palazzo Pitti

Florence is one of the most important European cities in the fashion industry. If you think only Milan is the Italian capital of fashion you are wrong, ‘cause the Tuscan town is the place where ‘Made in Italy’ was born in the ’50s. Don’t miss a visit to the Fashion Gallery inside Palazzo Pitti to admire ancient clothes and accessories.

Galleria del Costume, Piazza de’ Pitti 1r, Florence, Italy, +39 0552388713

Museo effimero della moda 🥀

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Oltrarno Neighborhood

Oltrarno is the most lively and cool area of Florence. If you want to spend a nice night out, you need to come here with your friends, order a cocktail in one of the bars in Santo Spirito square and enjoy.

Santo Spirito, Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence, Italy

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Piazzale Michelangelo

To admire Florence from the top, head into Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the most famous Italian belvederes. You can easily reach it by foot or with the bus n.12 and take some beautiful pictures of the town below.

Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence, Italy

The wonderful view from Piazzale Michelangelo, #Florence. #photo credit @brian_sweet, thanks!

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Villa Bardini

If you want to visit a place off the beaten path, Villa Bardini is the perfect location for you. This villa is a magnificent place on a hill and offers spectacular views over Florence. It is also a museum, so you can visit it and spend some time in relaxation.

Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2-4, Florence, Italy, +39 05520066202

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Borgo San Jacopo

Just a few steps from the crowds of Ponte Vecchio, there is a small street called Borgo San Jacopo filled with ancient towers and a very nice church. It is also the perfect place to admire one of the best views over the old bridge.

Borgo San Jacopo, Florence, Italy

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Santa Maria Novella

Just few steps down the train station, you’ll find Santa Maria Novella one of the oldest churches of Florence. It deserves to be visited not only for its beautiful façade but also for its secret cloister.

Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, Piazza di Santa Maria Novella 18, Florence, Italy, +39 055219257


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San Miniato

Hidden behind Piazzale Michengelo, San Miniato is one of the most beautiful churches of Florence. It is also the perfect place to admire the town from the top without crowds. So note it down for your next trip in Florence.

San Miniato al Monte, Via delle Porte Sante 34, Florence, Italy, +39 0552342731