10 Beautiful Castles in Italy to Book on Airbnb

Castello di San Fabiano and its perfect Tuscan backdrop | © Courtesy of Castello di San Fabiano
Castello di San Fabiano and its perfect Tuscan backdrop | © Courtesy of Castello di San Fabiano
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With exceptionally well-preserved ancient monuments, unrivalled artistic masterpieces and a rich and varied landscape that produces mouth-watering cuisine, Italy is the holiday destination that has it all. Complete the fairytale by staying in one of these stunning castles turned holiday homes – all available to book on Airbnb. We give you, the 10 most beautiful castles in Italy to book on Airbnb.

Torre Trascita

Torre Trasita | © Courtesy of Torre Trasita

Compared to some sprawling castles, the Torre Trascita might be on the compact side, but anything it lacks in size it makes up for in absolute gorgeousness. This perfectly formed tower, built in 1567 as military watchtower, is nestled into the steep cliffs of dreamy Positano, making it an ideal base for exploring the Amalfi Coast – although with a stunning rooftop terrace perfect for soaking up the sun you might find it difficult to leave!

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Castello di San Fabiano

The castle tower of Castello di San Fabiano | © Courtesy of Castello di San Fabiano

Set against the romantic backdrop of the rolling Tuscan hills is the Castello di San Fabiano. This medieval castle, just 15 minutes from Siena, once belonged to the King of Naples and hosted dignitaries and noblemen travelling through Europe. Today, guests can relax in the classically decorated suites and take advantage of wine tastings, cooking classes and a salt-water swimming pool.

Castello di Lispida

Castello di Lispida | © Courtesy of Castello di Lispida

Built on the ruins of an Augustine monastery, the Castello di Lispida was constructed in the 18th century by the Corinaldi family. Not content with just a manor house they extended the property with turrets, towers and a castle-like gate. Its grounds cover more than 200 acres of fertile Veneto soil with flourishing vineyards and olive groves, and the castello is now a luxurious wine resort promoting pre-industrial winemaking techniques.

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Castello di Porciano

The picturesque Castello di Porciano | © Courtesy of Castello di Porciano

With roots going back to 11th Century, the Castello di Porciano is today part museum, part historic guesthouse. Aside from being incredibly picturesque, this medieval castle has one special claim to fame – it hosted Dante during his exile from nearby Florence in the 14th century. Indeed, many churches and castles in the surrounding area are even mentioned in the Divine Comedy.

Badia a Coltibuono

Badia a Coltibuono in the Tuscan hills | © Courtesy of Badia a Coltibuono

Spend the night at Badia a Coltibuono, a 1000-year-old abbey tucked into 2000 acres of lush green Tuscan forest. Set in Italy’s famous Chianti region, the abbey was founded by Benedictine monks who planted the first vines here back in the 11th century. Visit the historical cellars and take part in food and wine tastings to discover the delicacies produced in this gorgeous location.

Castello di Rocca Sinibalda

The unusual elongated shape of Castello di Rocca Sinibalda | © Courtesy of Castello di Rocca Sinibalda

Located around 40 miles east of Rome, the Castello di Rocca Sinibalda was built in 1080 but completely redesigned in the 16th century, leaving it with a unique identity – gothic yet rational in design, with both medieval and Renaissance features. Listed as a national monument in 1928, the castle also contains some of the most important frescos of the region.

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Torre del Tusciano

Like a fairytale | © Courtesy of Torre del Tusciano

The Torre del Tusciano is located about 15 miles from Salerno. This ivy-covered turret was at one time a lookout tower used to spot Arab ships trying to land on the Mediterranean coast. Built in 1563, the tower is now a rustic but bewitching holiday home for up to seven people.

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Castello di Magona

Castello di Magona | © Courtesy of Castello di Magona

Situated between Siena and Lucca, Castello di Magona is the former residence of Leopold II, the Grand Duke of Tuscany until 1859. This historical house features characteristic ceilings, antique oil paintings and a number of family heirlooms but it isn’t short on 21st-century comforts either – there’s even an outdoor pool set among the leafy gardens.

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L’Abbazia di San Giusto

Abbey of San Giusto | © Courtesy of L’Abbazia di San Giusto

The 12th century Abbey of San Giusto has undergone extensive restoration and renovation after falling into disrepair. It’s now a spectacular holiday location for travellers with an eye for history and a taste for organic, seasonal Italian produce. Extra virgin olive oil, honey and sheep’s-milk cheeses such as ricotta and robiola are produced on the castle’s almost-energy-efficient farm while 45 acres of lavender and helichrysum fields produce fragrant essential oils which are distilled and bottled on site.

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Castello Claves

Take a dip at Castello Claves | © Castello Claves

Built in the late 19th century in the art nouveau style, Castello Claves is around 30 minutes drive from Catania in sunny Sicily. Cool off in the pool, take a passaggiata through the lemon groves and palm trees, or simply admire the view of Mount Etna from the turrets of the castle.