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A vegetarian dish at Croi Restaurants | © Croi Restaurant
A vegetarian dish at Croi Restaurants | © Croi Restaurant

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in County Kerry, Ireland

Picture of James Hendicott
Updated: 8 December 2017
While it’s a wonderfully lush and popular tourist destination, Kerry is very much Old Ireland, a place built on both tourism and farming, and home to the pub lunch, the roast dinner and a great deal of love for the old-school meat-and-two-veg. With the influx of tourists brought to the county by anything from the Ring of Kerry to Other Voices with a stop off at Star Wars, however, the variety of the place has grown, and a genuine effort to meet the needs of vegetarians has settled into the culture.

Here are our favourite spots to grab a meat-free meal, then, in the glorious south-west corner of Ireland.