Where to Buy Souvenirs in Akureyri, Iceland

DCN | © Sela Yair/Flickr
DCN | © Sela Yair/Flickr
Akureyri may seem off the map in its corner in the North of Iceland, but it definitely is a place to visit to round out your experience of the whole island. With many of the same offerings as the capital of Reykjavik, this capital in the North is just a bit calmer, quieter, and with a whole different landscape in the nearby surroundings. Check out the following places during your visit to make sure you bring home the best of Akureyri.

Eymundsson Bookstore

Here you can find many selections by Icelandic authors translated into numerous languages. Consider taking home some of the most influential books in Icelandic literature such as Halldor Laxness, Hallgrímur Helgason, Auður Eva Ólafsdóttir, or a saga such as Burnt Njál´s Saga.

Tea kettles © Courtesy of Te & Kaffi / Facebook

Te & Kaffi

This is the place to find the best of speciality coffee items in Iceland. While it is a popular chain on the island, its reputation is well cregarded for its quality coffee and tea, selectively imported from Africa and Asia. They also carry all of the coffee-making accessories you could imagine with many by Icelandic designers.

Flóra Concept Store

This adorable shop carries an eclectic array of items all carefully tailored to suit a certain aesthetic. From children’s clothes made from Icelandic wool to soft Indie music made by young Icelanders, as well as from spools of Icelandic yarn to handmade leather shoes, you never know what you might find here.

Shop display © Courtesy of Rammagerdin / Facebook


This Icelandic design shop is the best place for handmade quality souvenirs from Iceland. It is so well-designed it is hard to even consider it a souvenir shop. Although they offer Icelandic sweaters with the traditional Lopapeysa design, posters of antique maps of Iceland, other wool products made in Iceland, and home decorative items with very Icelandic motifs such as ravens and lambs.


Here you can take home all your favourite quality cold weather gear. They have everything from Icelandic wool socks, sweaters and leggings to rain gear and camping supplies. This is definitely a leading quality brand that can be trusted for your outdoor adventures in Iceland or elsewhere.

Shop display © Courtesy of 66degreesnorth / Facebook

66 Degrees North

Similar to Icewear stores, 66 Degrees North offers the same array of outdoor goods of high quality but with an added aesthetic of street-style fashion. This is where to take home that certain style that, even though it is perfectly suited to climbing a treacherous mountain during a blizzard, can also look very well put together as a casual city outfit. 66 Degrees North works their magic in such a way.

The Christmas Shop

Located a little outside of downtown, this classic Christmas extravaganza is almost a work of outsider art in itself. It almost feels like the set of a 1990’s cheesy Christmas film with its over-the-top Christmas elf references and holiday spirit gone haywire. However, the gift shop is every Christmas lover’s dream with everything you can imagine to decorate and gift for the holidays, especially gag gifts.

Frúin í Hamburg

This is the vintage women’s shop in Akureyri, and maybe even the whole island. They feature carefully picked items of a certain air reminiscent of West Germany in the late 1950s, hence the name – The Dame from Hamburg. If you’re looking for unique cuts, fabrics, and shapes that current fashion brands are only imitating, look no further. They also have great accessories like leather gloves, garish beaded necklaces, and hats with no shortage of ribbon or lace.

The Salvation Army

The quintessential second-hand shop, The Salvation Army, if you’re lucky, can offer a fun selection of vintage finds while allowing you to donate to a good cause. This can be a great place to find second-hand items that are unique to Iceland like Icelandic lopapeysa sweaters, mugs with Icelandic company names on them, bulky jackets from the 1980s, and who knows what else.

Shop display © Courtesy of Geysir / Facebook


Geysir is another quality Icelandic retail chain with a carefully tailored aesthetic of stark countryside farmers meets functional streetwear that is cosy and always beckoning the countryside. They also have a selection of interior design items such as wall maps and conversation pieces for the coffee table with a certain Icelandic flair of embracing the traditional yet adapting it to the contemporary.