The Best Restaurants In Akureyri, Iceland

Dinner at RUB23 in Akureyri
Dinner at RUB23 in Akureyri | © Sergejf / Flickr
Camille Buckley

Akureyri is often called the capital of the North of Iceland for good reason, as it has many cultural and culinary offerings. Because of its bayside location, expect freshly caught seafood at restaurants in Akureyri, as well as other traditional Icelandic dishes sometimes served with an international twist.

1. 1862 - Nordic Bistro

Bistro, Northern European

1862 -Nordic Bistro is located inside Hof Culture House, a prominent wooden building on the harbor that hosts cultural events. The bistro received its name from the year Akureyri received township from the Danish King, Fredrik VII. The bistro opened its doors on August 29, 2010, which is also the city’s birthday. The place is suitable for large events as well as casual dining. On the menu, you can find traditional Icelandic dishes of lamb and local fish as well as an extensive offering of Danish Smörrebrauð, an open-faced sandwich with all kinds of toppings such as smoked salmon, fennel salad, and tomato confit.

2. Greifinn

Restaurant, North American

© Greifinn

Greifinn is a great place to go for a hearty meal after spending the day exploring the surrounding landscape. They offer chicken curry, lobster pasta, and different kinds of fish such as cod, Arctic char, and plaice in a fried tempura batter. However, their specialty to look out for is pizza.

3. Bryggjan

Restaurant, American, Northern European, North American, European

© Bryggjan

Bryggjan is situated on the waterfront in the oldest building in the area. Being an older house built sometime in the mid-19th century, it is made of wood and later became a mechanic’s headquarters. Its wooden interior makes for a casual atmosphere that is very suitable for families. The kitchen specializes in pizza with a wide variety falling under names such as The Turf House, The Captain, Mr. Akureyri, and The Bank Manager.

4. Akureyri Fish and Chips

Fish and Chip Shop, North American, Northern European

© Akureyri Fish and Chips

Akureyri Fish and Chips is a humble bistro with a menu and atmosphere that is to the point. This is an excellent place to find the usual fish and chips meal but with a unique twist that makes it stand out more than your average fish and chips. The sauces come in a wide variety with three options for a base: yogurt, Skyr, or mayo.

5. Rub23

Restaurant, North American, Northern European, Japanese

© EMWWME / Flickr

Located in the unmissable bright red building downtown, Rub23 specializes in fish, meat, and sushi in an Asian-Icelandic fusion that goes a long way in opening up the traditional palate of North Iceland. Here you can find local lobster as part of a sushi bento box, blue mussels cooked in coconut milk, and Atlantic wolffish in BBQ sauce.

6. Strikið

Restaurant, Northern European

© Strikid
Strikið is set on the top floor of a downtown building with optional outdoor seating on the terrace, which is very popular during the summertime. This is definitely one of the more upscale dining establishments in Akureyri. The menu emphasizes local Icelandic ingredients but with details mixed into the traditional food that arrives from Asian and South American cuisine. The menu offers the four-course meal called The History of Iceland, only served for an entire table. However, you can also find salmon ceviche, sushi, and reindeer sliders.

7. Noa Seafood Restaurant

Bar, Bistro, Restaurant, Northern European

© Sela Yair / Flickr

This is your quintessential seafood establishment with a cozy and laid-back atmosphere with fisherman memorabilia lining the walls. Here you can find fresh catch of the day. The restaurant is set in a house where the main harbor was established around 1900. On the menu, you can find local Rainbow Trout, Bacalao from Hauganes, Cod, and Langoustine.

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