The Best Places to Work Remotely in Budapest

A quiet walking street outside Kontakt, Budapest
A quiet walking street outside Kontakt, Budapest | Courtesy of Kontakt Speciality Coffee
Adam Barnes

As a popular destination for expats, foreign students and digital nomads alike, it’s no surprise that Budapest can suitably cater for remote workers at any number of locations throughout the city. Whether it’s cafes that are comfortable with you sitting at a table for hours at a time to leech off their Wi-Fi, shared work spaces or simply a quiet corner to concentrate, Budapest has a wide selection of options open to those looking to get on with their work.

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Madal Café

With a number of locations throughout the city, Madal has made a name for itself as the place to go to get great coffee when working. The original outfit at Hollán Ernő street near Margaret Bridge is particularly worth the visit, thanks to its quiet, brightly lit downstairs where it’s even possible to watch baristas-in-training take their classes.

Massolit Books & Café

There’s something calming about being surrounded by shelves of books, which is what makes this bookshop-meets-cafe such a fantastic place to work for a few hours. There’s a selection of pastries for a breakfast or mid-afternoon snack and, in the summer, a handful of tables outside – just don’t expect the Wi-Fi to reach that far.

Csendes Etterem

Meaning ‘quiet’ in English, Csendes is anything but in the evenings when it turns into a rather bustling bar. During the day, however, it lives up to its name, with a wide selection of food on offer for those planning on settling in for the long haul.

Kelet Café

The majority of the remote working places in Budapest sit on the Pest side, the central location being a more popular place to live for the young workers that typify digital nomads. For those on the Buda side, however, Kelet is the right choice. There’s a good selection of coffees beyond the typical flat whites, with its Asian-inspired food and bookshelf-lined walls creating an identity to the cafe that few offer.

Loffice Budapest

The co-working space at Loffice Budapest

One of a handful of worthwhile co-working spaces in the city, Loffice has a sense of cool about it that doesn’t usually come with such places. The bright decor and varied rooms means it’s easy to feel invigorated by the location, but small businesses and startups will certainly find its selection of meeting rooms and price packages worth considering.

California Coffee Company

There are a wide number of CCC locations throughout the city, and in truth it’s not one to praise for its coffee or its food. However it’s a great option for those home workers who don’t like to push their luck sitting in a cafe for hours at a time having bought nothing but a cappuccino; find a quiet corner somewhere here, and you’ll be left undisturbed for hours at a time.

London Coffee Society

It may be small, but the industrial vibe, electronic beats and exceptional food and coffee are well worth visiting the London Coffee Society for. And while the small stature of the place may make you feel pressured to leave quickly, the friendly and accommodating staff counteracts that. A hidden gem, this one, but even so you shouldn’t expect a guaranteed seat.

KAPTÁR coworking

For one-off uses, Kaptár has the best prices for coworking spaces in Budapest. However, if you’re one of those remote workers who prefers a desk away from home that they can call their own, then the packages here are really worth considering, with further bonuses that are available as subscriptions. In particular, the unlimited coffee or tea at only 5000 forints is a steal.

Magvető Café

Inside Magvető Café, Budapest

The inventive seating built into the back of the room at Magvető might be the thing that initially draws you into it, but the excellent coffees and cakes will likely be the reason you stick around – and keep coming back. It’s home to a number of events in the evenings too.

Kontakt Specialty Coffee Bar

Forget snacks – coffee is the star of the show at Kontakt

If coffee is your thing ,then you would do well to make Kontakt your place to sit for a few hours. It has a range of specialty coffees on offer, including a special cold drip that you won’t find elsewhere in Budapest. Its purposefully sparse environment makes it a great place to concentrate, but the fact that it’s tucked away down a side street enhances this serene spot – especially in the summer months.

lumen Café

Since it moved recently to a larger space, that should give you an idea of how popular Lumen has become. The new location is practically designed for remote workers, whether that’s solo freelancers or teams looking to meet up. And with a wide range of well-prepared meals available, it’s a great choice for those looking for a working lunch too.

Ervin Szabó Library

While this might be something of a wild card, libraries have always been perfect places to concentrate. There’s naturally a number to choose from in Budapest, but if you’re not a student, it’ll likely cost you to enter any of them. But for less than the price of a coffee, you’ll be able to make use of the quiet grand rooms of Ervin Szabó, perhaps Budapest’s most beautiful library.

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