The Best Cafés in Szeged, Hungary

Szeged Cathedral
Szeged Cathedral | © Pixabay
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With its chilled vibe, Szeged is the perfect place to relax in a coffee shop chatting with friends or people-watching the day away. Luckily there’s quite a number of places worth paying a visit.

1. Lobby Cafe

Cafe, Bistro, Contemporary, Coffee, European, Italian

The classy interior of Lobby Cafe really makes brunch here feel special
Courtesy of Lobby Cafe

Sometimes a great location is as important to having a good coffee as the drink itself, and you could say that’s what Lobby Cafe offers above all else. Sitting beside the Dugonics fountain—a popular hangout spot for students and young couples—and close to the shopping street of Szeged makes Lobby Cafe perfectly placed, but the great treats (especially the macaroons) make the decision even easier.

2. Kék Elefant Cafe

Cafe, Contemporary, Coffee

As one of the few artisan coffee shops in Szeged, Kék Elefant—or Blue Elephant—is the place to go if you take your caffeine kicks seriously. There’s more than just machine made espressos here, with French press and drip coffee also available, not to mention some particularly special hot chocolates. Its central location and friendly baristas will make it a favorite in no time, especially in the summer months with its outdoor seating.

3. Cafe Frei

Cafe, Contemporary, Coffee, Tea

The focus on world travel through coffee is Cafe Freis consistent look
© Cafe Frei

Coffee snobs might find this place offensive due to its extensive range of flavored drinks, but there’s a reason this Hungarian chain of coffee shops has expanded way beyond the borders of the country into London, Paris, Vienna, and even Saudi Arabia. The concept is to “travel the world through coffee,” and that means flavors inspired by the varied destinations that founder Tamás Frei visited over the years. There’s a grand selection of cakes and pastries, too, and its Szeged outfit matches the iconic style of the chain. Well worth a visit for one of the more unique café experiences you’ll ever have.

4. Hét Cafe

Cafe, Contemporary, Coffee

Another place where the coffee is the star. Hét literally means “seven,” but in this context means “week,” as in seven coffees for seven days of the week. Regardless of whether you order a cappuccino or a more specialist filter coffee, each drink is created with a care and understanding that coffee connoisseurs will appreciate. It’s a tiny place, but that only makes it all the more endearing as a result. It’s a coffee shop of passion, and for all the pretentious new wave coffee we’re subjected to these days, that’s something to relish.

5. Süti nem süti

Cafe, Pastries, European, Vegetarian

It’s all in the name of this one, süti being a cute name for cakes. There’s a huge selection of tasty treats on offer, and the staff always seem more than happy to serve them. That’s not the only baked goods, though, with quiche, pies, and pastries all available to accompany the decent coffee. It’s a small place, so expect a wait, but with its location at the entrance of the town, it’s a great first stop-off before visiting the center.

6. Kávézgató

Cafe, Contemporary, Coffee

The friendly young couple running this place make sure that everyone who visits leaves with a smile. There’s great coffee here, of course, but the real favorite is the hot chocolate with cream. It has a modern, industrial look that brings in a younger, student crowd. There’s a number of pastries and breads available, too, so a good option is to hunt this one down rather than going to the McDonald’s or Burger King in the nearby Dugonics Square.

7. Antique Cafe & Tea

Cafe, Contemporary, Coffee, Italian

This one is further out from the city, which is to its downfall to some extent. It’s a cozy place with exceptional coffees and pastries baked fresh on a daily basis, and you can trust that you’ll get a service worth hunting the place down for. While its offerings match many of its new wave specialist coffee competitors in the city, there’s a real sense of dedication with its baristas. It’d be difficult for anyone to pick a favorite coffee shop in Szeged, but Antique Cafe certainly has its fans to make sure they receive the recognition they deserve.

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