The Best Tattoo Parlours in Athens

Why not immortalise your trip to Athens with a tattoo?
Why not immortalise your trip to Athens with a tattoo? | © fxxu / PixaBay
Ethel Dilouambaka

Welcoming visitors all year around, Athens is a city of beautiful contradictions – ancient and modern, stylish and abandoned, rural and urban. As such, the city is also the perfect place to get a tattoo that will remind you of this unique experience. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next tattoo or you’re ready to take the plunge for your first, here are the best tattoo studios to visit to get inked when in Athens, Greece.

1. Uncle Chronis Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio


Uncle Chronis Tattoo & Body Piercing studio in Holargos, Athens
© Uncle Chronis Tattoo & Body Piercing

One of the oldest tattoo teams in Athens, Uncle Chronis Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio is located in the residential neighbourhood of Holargos, on Mesogeion Avenue, less than five minutes from the metro station. With great attention to detail, Chronis has succeeded in making his studio into a bright, clean and carefully designed place where you can find high-quality tattoo services as well as body piercings, microdermals and implants. Specialising in custom designs and cover-up tattoos, each of Uncle Chronis’ crew members has their own style and speciality so you can get a unique piece of body art that will leave you satisfied for years to come.

2. Scripta Manent


Scripta Manent, in Ambelokipi, is a collective effort from several body-art lovers, each with their own specialities such as symbolic tattoos and graffiti-style designs, as well as body piercing pros. With an emphasis on hygiene and quality materials, Scripta Manent offers a wide choice of services besides tattoos and piercings, including permanent make-up. And if you have always wanted to give the art of tattooing a try, Scripta Manent also offers seminars to teach budding pros.

3. Unicorn Tattoo


Unicorn Tattoo & Body Piercing
© Unicorn Tattoo & Body Piercing

Established in 2001 in the southern suburb of Glyfada, Unicorn Tattoo Studio is conveniently located among the city’s busy shopping streets. The studio focusses on tattoos and body piercing and offers a wide variety of designs. The team behind the Unicorn is both fun and serious, with a strong focus on providing the best experience to customers. The tattoo artists’ creativity and imagination bring your ideas to life, making the overall experience a breeze, even if you’re getting your first tattoo.

4. Nico Tattoo Crew


Located in Athens’ historic centre, Plaka, since 2005, Nico Tattoo Crew is surrounded by gift shops and souvenir boutiques on Adrianou Street. But don’t think it is just another tourist trap. Nico Tattoo Crew has actually been around for decades, with its original studio established in 1985 in the northern Greek city of Alexandroupoli. The team of tattoo artists is fun and creative and can create tattoos in their own unique styles, including comic-inspired designs. And if you feel like throwing a piercing into the mix, you will love the high-quality services available.

5. Inkaholic


Inkaholic Tattoo
© Inkaholic Tattoo

One of the newly established addresses in the Greek capital, Inkaholic is located in the residential district of Dafni. Drop by to browse and get some inspiration from the wide variety of designs available, ranging from traditional tribal designs to delicate watercolour tattoos. If you can’t find the tattoo for you from this selection, rest assured the crew will help you put together a custom design you will fall in love with. Piercings, microdermals and implant services are also available.

6. Sake Tattoo Crew


Undeniably one of the most popular tattoo parlours in Athens, Sake Tattoo Crew is credited with having brought Greek tattoo art to the next level. Opened by street-art legend Giannis Karabetsos, Sake Tattoo Crew has been designing tattoos since 2005. Its customers feature local celebrities and athletes such as Olympiakos power forward Georgios Printezis, TV host Dimitris Vlahos and singer Tamta, which has probably helped increased the popularity of the studio. But beyond this VIP hall of fame, Sake Tattoo Crew features an expert team of artists ready to create a wide array of eye-catching ink styles to cater to all tastes.

7. El Paso Tattoo Studio


El Paso Tattoo Studio
© relik berkowitz / El Paso Tattoo Studio

Kallithea may not be the neighbourhood you first think of when it comes to tattoos or piercings, but El Paso Tattoo Studio is here to change that misconception. Here you will find a cosy space managed by a team of creative artists, happy to help you find or create your dream design. El Paso offers a wealth of tattoo styles, including dot art-inspired, geometrical lines, realism and old-school designs. It’s a friendly environment where you will quickly see that tattooing is a supreme art.

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