Greek Food Bloggers You Should Know

Ethel Dilouambaka

Are you a foodie? Or are you simply looking for inspiration? Maybe it’s the food photography you enjoy? Whatever it is, food blogs are definitely part of life. And so to make your life easier on those weeknights when you’re too tired to think of something to cook but don’t feel like ordering take-out, here is a small list of the best Greek food bloggers you should know – you will quickly add them to your bookmark list.

My Little Expat Kitchen

My Little Expat Kitchen is the brainchild of Magda, born and raised in Athens. Leaving her homeland in 2007 in search for a bit of adventure and another culture, she landed in The Hague in the Netherlands. With a love for cooking, she created the food blog as a hobby in 2009. Little did she know that she would even get recognition for it. In 2015, she was awarded Best Cooking Blog at the Food Blog Awards. Available in English and Greek, My Little Expat Kitchen is a great blog to introduce yourself to Greek cooking.

Olive Tomato

Award-winning registered dietitian, nutritionist, and writer specializing in the Mediterranean Diet, Elena Paravantes, now based in Athens, is the creative force behind Olive Tomato. Moving back to Greece as an adult after spending her entire life in Chicago, Elena was saddened to discover upon returning that Greeks were snubbing traditional food for international dishes. Furthermore, when she discovered that 35 percent of the Greek population is overweight, she decided to do something. Enter Olive Tomato, a blog where she shares traditional recipes as well as cooking and eating tips. Also offering vegetarian options, the blog is a real treasure trove of goodies.

Eat Yourself Greek

Ready to Eat Yourself Greek? No, don’t worry – it is not like the bucket challenge, just the name of a brilliant food blog. Eugenia, a Greek wanderer who lived in Athens and the UK, is the creator of this blog. Now back in Athens, she shares recipes, travel posts, suggestions about her favorite restaurants in town, and even hosts cooking lessons. Her delightful site, also awarded at the Food Blog Awards 2015 for Best Cooking Blog in English, is full of insights and is ideal when you are in need of cooking inspiration.

The Greek Vegan

The Greek Vegan is another great food blog to follow. The photos and recipes look so good that even a meat eater will want to have a try. Kiki Vagianos began her blog when she started writing down the recipes, cooking tips, and techniques her father shared with her. Her blog includes staple recipes like her scrumptious melomakarona, traditional Christmas sweets in Greece. Go ahead. Have a look. No doubt it will make your mouth water in an instant.

Souvlaki For The Soul

A highly visual blog, Souvlaki For The Soul was created by Greek-Australian photographer Peter Georgakopoulos in 2007, and not because of his love for cooking but mostly out of boredom. He, indeed, entered the blogging sphere as a way to discover something new. The blog features excellent recipes and top-notch photos, so go have a look, even if you’re not into food blogs – the photos alone are worth it.

Food Junkie

This bilingual blog is all about food, but not junk food. Like Ioanna Dimopoulos says, she is a food junkie but without the junk food. She shares Greek recipes, of course, but also has an intriguing selection of tasty Lent recipes. You may or may not know that Greece is very observant of the religious calendar, especially Lent. Restaurants switch up their menus to include dairy- and meat-free recipes during that period. And if you think that the result is tasteless, you’ll be surprised to discover that it is quite the opposite. You may want to try one of them sometime.

Sweet Applepie

Theodora is the cook and baker of a group of friends, but she mostly likes baking. Sweet Applepie is where you can find not only recipes but also her tips on baking and pastry making. Pâte brisée, chocolate mousse, strawberry galette, and much more are all on her blog. Guess who’s going to be having cake for breakfast?


In Cyprus, Kopiaste is a polite expression to invite somebody into your home, and it is particularly relevant for Ivy, a delightful Greek-Cypriot pensioner who lives in the lovely town of Nafplio. After retiring, she started rewriting and organizing the discarded recipes she had. After her son had suggested that she write a blog instead, she decided to give it a try, creating Kopiaste. Discover traditional recipes and tips that Ivy shares with love. And better yet? Ivy has published two cooking e-books so that you can have direct access to her recipes. Now, isn’t that lovely?

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