Top 10 Things to See and Do in Königsallee, Dusseldorf

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The Königsallee, affectionately called by locals, is the premium shopping street of Dusseldorf. Along this stretch of road, luxury shops representing the crème de la crème of international fashion entice visitors with their irresistible window displays. It is primarily the Königsallee that has carved a name for Dusseldorf as a premium fashion destination. Its green boulevard is also a great place for a stroll or a meal.

Check out the Best Brands

The biggest and best brands in the global fashion arena jostle for space at the Königsallee, tempting shoppers with luxury apparel, shoes, accessories and cosmetics. Louis Vuitton, Armani, Chanel, Burberry, Prada, Cartier, Escada, Stefano Ricci, Jimmy Choo – they are all here. Even window-shopping here is an experience in itself.

Visit High-End Boutiques

Alongside the biggest brands, chic boutiques bring visitors carefully curated selections of superior-quality designer products. As well as exclusive luxury apparel and footwear for men, women and children, the boutiques offer unique jewellery, designer bags, gorgeous home decor and much more.

A Dusseldorf boutique

Shop at the Malls

The glitzy Kö Galerie, spread over three sprawling floors, appeals to sophisticated shoppers not only with its vast collection of luxury goods, but also with its sleek architecture. The Kö-Center turns heads with its dazzling marble, aluminium and steel construction and boasts an exclusive assortment of apparel, footwear, accessories, art and home decor. It also houses several fantastic restaurants. The Galeria Kaufhof stocks exclusive products from top international brands, alongside more affordable choices. Schadow Arkaden is a magnet for locals and tourists alike. It provides both luxury and affordable shopping, along with cafes, restaurants, toy stores, bookshops, flower shops and beauty salons.

Take a Stroll

The lush green boulevard of Königsallee, with a canal running through its centre, is a beautiful spot for a stroll. Visitors wishing to escape the frenzy of shopping for a while, or needing a bit of peace and quiet to decide about that next purchase, can head to this delightful shaded walkway.


See Some Futuristic Architecture

Historic architecture from centuries ago shares Dusseldorf’s skyline with scintillating modern architecture. Such an example of superb modern architecture is Kö-Bogen. Its stone, glass and aluminium exterior, sinuous form, intricate design and beautiful landscaping make it one of the most stunning buildings in Dusseldorf. It houses a large number of luxury brands, excellent restaurants and office spaces.

Ko-Bogen in Königsallee

See the City’s Famous Hotels

The most prestigious hotels in the city grace the Königsallee, including Intercontinental Dusseldorf, Breidenbacher Hof, Hotel Favor, Leonardo Royal, Steigenberger Parkhotel and The Fritz. These hotels offer luxury accommodation in their beautifully designed rooms and suites, exclusive cuisines and every comfort that the modern traveller could wish for.

Steigenberger Park Hotel in Königsallee

Hit a Club

Travelers who are not ready to call it a day, even after a day of shopping at Königsallee, don’t have to go far to find a night of fun. Dusseldorf has some buzzing nightlife, and Königsallee is where its pulse is. It spoils travellers with a seemingly endless choice of nightclubs, discos, bars and pubs, and even shisha bars and cocktail lounges.

Visit a Gallery

Dusseldorf is steeped in culture, and wherever tourists might find themselves in the city, they are never too far from culture. Königsallee is not just about shopping, fun, food and nightlife, but also offers generous doses of culture and art. Ralph Gierhards in Königsallee is a specialised dealer in gorgeous antique furniture, art, paintings, vases and sculptures, from various eras and from all across Europe. Travellers who are interested in modern art must head to Galerie Ludorff, one of the most reputed art dealers in the whole of Europe. The modern-art collection at Galerie Paffrath will also appeal to visitors.

At Galerie Ludorff

Grab a Great Meal

Whether travellers are looking for a romantic diner, a cosy bistro to catch up with a friend, a chic joint for a formal lunch, a Michelin-starred restaurant for a special occasion, a great bakery to satiate a sweet tooth or a cigar lounge to relax in after a long day, they will find it in Königsallee. Amazing restaurants across a large variety of cuisines entice the tastebuds of tourists and locals alike.

Visit a Christmas Market (if it’s Christmas)

From the last week of November to the last week of December, not one but two festive Christmas markets light up the Königsallee region, transforming it into a magical land. The Christmas market at Schadowplatz celebrates a delightful White Chirstmas with shimmering white hut-shaped stalls bathed in silver light, with the magnificent Kö-Bogen as a backdrop. The Christmas market at Jan-Wellem-Platz, with its delicious aroma of traditional cuisines and merry carousels, spread infectious festive cheer right in front of the Kö-Bogen.

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