The Top Things to See and Do in Ludwigshafen, Germany

Rhine Bridge, Ludwigshafen
Rhine Bridge, Ludwigshafen | © wudli / Pixabay
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Ludwigshafen is one of those lesser-known destinations in Germany that awaits visitors with its offbeat, unique attractions. From a cluster of villages and swamps on the bank of the Rhine to a bustling city, Ludwigshafen’s journey is nothing less than miraculous. Let’s take a look at the cultural, industrial and natural attractions of this interesting city.

1. Wilhelm-Hack-Museum


© Immanuel Giel / Wikimedia Commons | © Immanuel Giel / Wikimedia Commons

Wilhelm-Hack-Museum wows you even before you cross its threshold. A part of its facade is a stunning mosaic by Joan Miró. Inside, the museum houses a vibrant, diverse range of attractions, including contemporary artwork, prints, sculptures, drawings, gramophone records, and more, adding up to almost 10,000 exhibits. You can expect to see paintings by the Who’s Who of the art world, like Kazimir Malevich, Robert Delaunay, Roy Lichtenstein, August Macke, Piet Mondrian, Lyubov Popova, Andy Warhol and Max Bill, among others. Also, you must not miss the museum garden where herbs, plants and flowers are grown.

2. BASF Visitor Centre


Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (Baden Aniline and Soda Factory, BASF) is the largest independent company in Ludwigshafen. This company deals with chemicals, plastics, crop protection products, oil and gas, and employs around 115,000 people. In its Visitor Center, visitors are walked through the world of fascinating interactive displays tracing the work and innovations of BASF.

3. Rheinpromenade

Natural Feature

© wudli / Pixabay

The Rhine promenade is a great place for a stroll, especially on sunny days. Here, you can see ships cruising by and rows of industrial as well as residential structures. The huge shopping mall Rhein-Galerie is a magnet for tourists. From certain parts of the promenade, you can see the town of Mannheim on the opposite shore.

4. Parkinsel Allee


© Immanuel Giel / Wikimedia Commons

To breathe in the purest river air and enjoy some solitude, step into Parkinsel Allee. This river island is shaded by ash, oak, maple and hawthorn trees, creating a woodland setting that would make you forget that you are in the midst of a city. If you decide to take a break from strolling, you can always sit by the river and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

5. Festival des Deutschen Films


If you are in Ludwigshafen in the month of June, you are in for a treat, albeit one most suitable for fans of German films. In a grand event held on the Parkinsel, around 115,000 people come together to watch a few hundred movie screenings in an open-air theater, plus live talks. The screenings include children’s movies, as well as under-hyped movies, alongside superhits.

6. Katzinett – Katzenmuseum


© Katzinett / Wikimedia Commons

If you, like millions of people, adore cats, the private museum Katzinett is a must-stop for you. Nowhere else but here can you find 11,000 cat figurines from various eras and in amazing avatars. You will also find books, memorabilia, documents and more related to our feline friends. The museum welcomes visitors only on one specific day every month throughout the year, and also by appointment. Do check the schedule on their website before planning your visit.

7. Ebertpark


Ebertpark has been a favorite place for locals to unwind since 1925. This sprawling garden has open green meadows, playgrounds, a zoo, colorful flowerbeds, fountains, walkways and restaurants. It is also the venue for regular events, concerts and festivals, hosted in the beautiful Friedrich-Ebert-Halle in the park.

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