The Top Things to See and Do in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

Anwesha Ray

Brandenburg an der Havel is an enticing town located on the River Havel, only around 50 km (31 miles) west of Berlin. The city is flanked by Westhavelland Nature Park, boasts palpable historic charm and beautiful architecture. Here is our top pick of sights and attractions in Brandenburg an der Havel.

1. Church of St. Gotthardt


© Gregor Rom / Wikimedia Commons

Church of St. Gotthardt was built in 1140, making it the most ancient church in the city. Behind its well-preserved brick walls are housed a number of treasures, each of which go back many centuries, including a Late Gothic Triumphal Cross, a tapestry depicting a unicorn hunt, epitaphs and beautiful Romanesque fonts.

2. Brandenburg Town Hall


© Stefan14776 / Wikimedia Commons

Brandenburg an der Havel’s Town Hall dominates the old town square of the city. This 15th century brick building is built in Late Gothic style. Notable features of this two-storeyed building include intricate brick tracery over the doorway and its soaring tower. The sandstone Statue of Roland, a German knight, right next to the entrance of the town hall, signifies rights of free cities.

3. Brandenburg Cathedral


© Mathias Krumbholz / Wikimedia Commons

Brandenburg Cathedral, built in 1165, is a fine specimen of Romanesque architecture, with distinct Gothic elements. Visitors often come here to pay their respect to the Christian victims of the Second World War in the memorial chapel. Other draws for travelers include intricate wall paintings, stained glass, tombs of bishops, ancient altars and an Angel Candelabrum from the 15th century. Also check out the church museum for its great collection of medieval vestments.

4. National Archaeological Museum


Archäologisches Landesmuseum (Archaeological Museum) is housed in a refurbished medieval Dominican Friary dating back to the late 13th century, making it a significant site of historical and architectural interest. The museum houses a fascinatingly diverse range of artifacts, adding up to over 10,000 and spanning almost 50,000 years. These include weapons, jewelry, medical equipments, and lots more.

5. Plauer Torturm


© Mathias Albrecht / Wikimedia Commons

In Brandenburg an der Havel, remnants of its medieval fortifications, including walls and towers, have been lovingly preserved. Among the four gate towers that survive today, Plauer Torturm is one. This cylindrical, 17 meter high tower with a beautiful openwork crown provides an impressive view from outside, but its interior is not accessible for visitors for safety reasons.

6. Friedenswarte


© Secretgardener / Wikimedia Commons

Friedenswarte is the highest building in the city. From the observation deck of this 32.5-meter cylindrical structure, you get to enjoy a bird’s eye view over the city of Brandenburg an der Havel and even beyond on clear days. Afterwards, you can always take a pleasant stroll or have a picnic in the surrounding Marienberg gardens.

7. Industrial Museum Brandenburg


© Clemens Sterz / Wikimedia Commons

Industrial Museum Brandenburg is a tribute to the significant role the city played in shaping the country’s steel industry and traces the industry’s social, economic and political effects. Its exhibits include a wide range of industrial artifacts ranging over 100 years. This is the only place in Europe where you can see the Siemens-Martin open-hearth furnace.

8. Rathenower Torturm


© Lienhard Schulz / Wikimedia Commons

Rathenower Torturm is another of the remaining four gate towers in Brandenburg. This surviving structure belonging to Brandenburg’s ancient fortifications has a square build. take special note of its coat of arms, pilaster strips and intricate frieze and gradation. During the annual Brandenburger Türmetag event every September, the tower gate is opened for visitors.

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