The Best Experiences to Have in Trier, Germany

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Trier, the oldest city in Germany, is a city of fascinating layers, surprising visitors at every turn. Centuries of history in this town have not only made their way into textbooks, but have been preserved in plays and performances, markets, and tours. Here are the best experiences you can have in Trier if you want to understand the city in depth.

Take the Trier Wine Culture Trail

Thanks to its long and rich history of wine production, Trier is often referred to as the cradle of German wine culture. If you wish to delve deep in this culture, consider joining the Trier Wine Culture Trail, hosted by the Association of Olewig Wine Growers. This walking tour takes around an hour, and en route, you will see vineyards, learn all about the cultivation of wines and the history of wine production in Trier, visit a wine cellar, and top it off with wine tasting and sampling of delicious cuisines. You can book your tour here.

Trier vineyards

Discover the Secrets of the Porta Nigra

Secrets of the Porta Nigra is a scintillating performance that takes visitors on a journey back to the days when the Romans ruled the world. The performance shares the secrets of the Porta Nigra with the audience, and captivates them with thrilling stories of emperors, barbarians, knights, and bishops. The script is fast and gripping, often humorous, and consistently interesting. You can reserve your tickets here.

Attend the Trier Altstadtfest

Trier Altstadtfest is a vibrant, colorful, and massive folk festival held annually in the last week of June, and thousands of people attend every year. With music of various genres playing on makeshift stages, colorful lighting, and over 120 stalls selling delicious food and beverages, the historic old town of Trier transforms into a huge party ground.

Music show at Trier Altstadtfest

Shop at Trier Craftsmen’s Market

Annually, on the first weekend of July, the region around Porta Nigra gears up for the immensely popular Trier Craftsmen’s Market. Join thousands of people as they browse over 125 stalls selling superlative crafts. With everything on offer from delicately woven baskets to handmade soap, jewelry to sculpture, pottery to fabric, you are sure to find lots of things you like. There are live stations where you can witness unique crafts being made, and you can also try your hand at some of them if you wish.

Take the Christmassy City Walking Tour

Here is your chance to know all about the revered St. Nicholas while enjoying the festive cheer and magical Christmas lights of this historic city. To add to the atmosphere, your tour guide will be dressed in St. Nicholas garb and carry lots of legends and stories in his sack. The tour ends with a visit inside the Porta Nigra. For more information, click here.

Trier Christmas market

See The Devil in Trier

The Devil in Trier is a smashing performance telling legends of Trier in the Middle Ages. The performance traces the tricks and dark magical powers of the Prince of Darkness, who worked towards capturing souls and swaying people away from the good path in the holy city of Trier. The play shows how he even intruded in the construction of the cathedral, murdered a bishop, possessed nuns, and created a whole lot of chaos. The performance is held in four locations, and you can book your tickets here.

Run the New Year’s Eve City Race

Every year on Silvester (New Year’s Eve), from 1 p.m. onwards, you will find an athletic flock sprinting past the old town. Reputed long-distance runners, amateur runners, expert local runners, and even senior citizens participate in this 6.2-mile (10-kilometer) race to ring in the New Year. You can participate if you wish, or just be there to cheer on the runners.

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