The Best Berlin-Based Podcasts You Have to Listen to

Explore Berlin through the medium of podcasts
Explore Berlin through the medium of podcasts | © Sascha Kohlmann / Flickr
Alice Dundon

Podcasts are a great way to immerse yourself in a city and learn more about the world around you. From exploring politics and culture to tapping into sub-cultures and scenes, check out our round-up of the best Berlin-based podcasts that are as informative as they are interesting.

Radio Spätkauf Berlin

Radio Spätkauf is Berlin’s all-rounder, English-language podcast, keeping its listeners informed since 2012 about politics, culture, bars, urban developments, public transport and so much more. The monthly podcast is recorded and presented by multiple hosts including Joel Dullroy, Maisie Hitchcock, Jöran Mandik and Daniel Stern.

Berlin Briefing

Berlin Briefing is the perfect podcast for inquisitive locals and visitors who want to know more about what’s new in the city. The podcast collates local new stories that have mostly been reported in Germany, and then translates them into English to give a succinct five-minute review every morning.

Berlin city view

In Berlin

In Berlin unearths and tells the inspiring, unlikely and amazing stories from the most iconic and impactful people who have lived in this eclectic city for the past half-century. The one-hour podcasts are intimate, inspiring and passionate, allowing listeners to discover the city through some of its most outstanding citizens.

Berlin Belly

Berlin Belly is the ultimate foodie and feminist podcast. Featuring conversations with outstanding women from Berlin’s food community, it’s a great insight into the evolving and exciting gastronomy scene in the city, hosted by Elizabeth Rushe.

Tasty dishes at Berlin Village Market

Vocal Fry

Vocal Fry is the Berlin-based podcast about the city’s awesome femmes and people who identify as femme. With only four episodes it’s still relatively new, and is hosted by Jill Beytin as part of Bear Radio.


For all the latest political gossip, developments and news, listen to Stammtisch. Put together by national broadcaster Deutsche Welle, it’s the perfect podcast for anyone looking to better understand German’s complex political system.

Berlin Reichstag building

Empires of Dreams

Empires of Dreams is a podcast that explores and unravels the stories behind migration. It’s a look at the many dimensions of the human quest, from personal to economic, historical, societal, or for artistic pursuits. The podcast explores human movement through time, space and cultures, by interweaving personal interviews with music and revealing insights.

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