The Biggest Fashion Secrets In Berlin

Rent-a-bike / Sascha Kohlmann / Flickr
Rent-a-bike / Sascha Kohlmann / Flickr
Inês Cortez

Berliners are known for having an alternative lifestyle, and such reflects in their clothing. However, they can put together the craziest socks with a loose suit and orange tie and still look amazing. Berliners may not always follow trends, but they have such a unique style that makes them, ironically, never go out of style. The freedom of Berlin is extended to wardrobes, and its inhabitants have one of the hardest styles to imitate, yet one of the easiest to envy. Dare to experience this fashion liberty too, and find out the secrets that make Berlin’s style so unique.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Old-Fashioned

It’s no surprise some fashion trends remained in the closet throughout the years in this historical city. Berliners know to have fun with a classic suit or an elegant dress, and they use acid wash denim and round glasses to top it off.


Show Off Your Favorite Band Or Movie In Your Wardrobe

Berliners love to meet new people. Let your clothes connect you to someone else by showcasing what movies, books or music you’re into.

Try Backpacks

They are super practical when biking, and you won’t have to worry about people stealing from you.


Loose And Retro Winter Jackets

It can get insanely cold during winter, and nobody can leave home without a good warm coat. Some people opt for a regular winter jacket while others dress in more fashionable attire and wear an old-fashioned jacket. They can have fur on the collarbone or they can be loose and made out of leather. Other jackets are denim with corduroy sleeves. There is always an opportunity to embrace style in Berlin, even in subzero temperatures.

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What About Socks?

Not even the socks are left it out when it comes to having fun with fashion. Dots, stripes or plain, Berliners like their socks and show them off with pride.

Berlin biking style

All Cats Are Gray In The Dark

When the night falls and clubs open, Berlin goes dark. Wearing black is a requirement to get into the iconic club Berghain, and it’s an unspoken dress code after the sun goes down. Take your black shirts, dresses and trousers, and enjoy one of the best night scenes in the world.

Comfort Is Sexy

One thing is for sure: whatever one wears, a Berliner’s first priority is comfort, because nobody can have fun when wearing painful shoes or a blouse that is too tight – and going to Berlin and not having fun is a big contradiction. So remember, no matter what you put on, go have fun.


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