The 10 Most Inspiring Video Interviews With Berlin Creatives

Brienne Pierce

Berlin is filled with some of the most imaginative and electrifying creatives in the world, everything from chefs to street artists. The streets of Berlin are overflowing with an inventiveness that is boast-worthy. Here is a look at some inspiring individuals who used their passions to create their own successful and unique paths.

Munchies video with Berlin food pioneer, Kavita Goodstar

Kavita is the genius behind Street Food Thursday and Burgers & Hip Hop and is undeniably a prominent figure in the new Berlin food scene.

Painting in anti-reality with Jonathon Meese

A very famous and eccentric Berlin based artist shares his distinct childhood experiences. He knows he is a servant of art who is not plagued by conformity.

Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet, speaks about Berlin’s thriving startup scene

Oliver Samwer shares his straightforward and supportive voice that sheds light on the promising tech scene in Berlin.

Corey Andreen, highly caffeinated and palate conscious, tells us a bit about following his passions: coffee and Berlin

This is a candid and well-shot spotlight on an expatriated expert’s desire to bring coffee culture to Berlin.

David Fischer, photographer and cyclist, follows the circle from the wheel to the camera lens

In this interview, David Fischer privileges not letting one idea become the way of life.

Famous street artist, Alaniz, indulges in the creative freedom Berlin offers

Alaniz praises Berlin as an “Artist’s playground” and demonstrates his affection for a city with so many blank canvases.

Eric Wahlforss, Co-founder of SoundCloud, gets shaped by the city of Berlin

Here, Eric Wahlforss displays his integration of music and engineering with the backdrop of a community-oriented city.

Emily Pütter, a painter in Berlin, shares herself and her work

With this interview, Emily compares paintings to human beings and shows how being the odd-one-out can give you a lot of time to paint.

Jaybo Monk, don’t call him an artist

Jaybo Monk, a street painter in Berlin, lets the viewer inside his studio and reveals his paintings are dead from the moment they are finished.

Ben de Biel knows where he wants to go

As photographer and a well-known member of the night-life scene in Berlin, Ben de Biel emulates a very paramount part of the city’s identity.
By Brienne Pierce

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