Berlin's Best Late-Night Eats

Oberbaum Bridge by night
Oberbaum Bridge by night | © Juan Verni/Flickr
Megan King

It’s easy to follow a nocturnal rhythm in Berlin, in fact the party culture practically begs for it. Time flies when you’re having fun, so much so that you’ve probably forgotten to eat dinner at a reasonable hour, or you’ve been dancing so hard that you’ve worked up an appetite in the early hours of the morning. Here’s where you can go to fill up your tank when the rest of the city slumbers.

1. Schwarzes Café

Restaurant, Contemporary, European

The rest of Berlin is about to wake up and get ready for business, which means it’s finally time to go home, but not before a second dinner at Schwarzes Café, a 24-hour restaurant on the Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg. Since the seventies, this all-night eatery has been a cult favourite among artists, anarchists and expats. The vibe is laid-back and artistic, their eclectic menus read in English and offer organic meat and yummy dishes like gnocchi with rocket, bacon and parmesan. It’s a special place where you can have breakfast in the middle of the night.

2. Imren Grill

Restaurant, Kebab, Turkish, Soup

Mixed Turkish falafel plate
© Charles Haynes / Flickr

When hungry and stumped on a late night in Berlin, Imren Grill will always be somewhere down the road ready and waiting to fill your belly. There are six locations to count on for a late night snack in the city. They serve a delicious, warm lentil soup, which goes well when dipped with a freshly baked pita stuffed with spinach and cheese. Their tasty mix of spices and late-night hours make it stand out from the crowd of döner kebab shops in Berlin. There is often a late-night queue, but it moves quickly, and there is free Turkish tea on offer while you wait.

3. Curry 36

Food Kiosk, Snack Bar, Restaurant, German, Fast Food

A German classic, you can eat Currywurst until five in the morning at Curry 36. It’s fast, yummy, and cheap; serving two sliced sausages with fries for under five euros. The rivalry about who’s got the best Currywurst in Berlin might never end, but this late-night joint has surely earned its place in the top five.

4. Pizza XXL

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Fast Food, Italian

Pizza XXL’s secret weapon is a homemade garlic sauce, which is best applied to slices in ample amounts. They’ve got your after-party meal covered on the weekends, keeping their doors open until three in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. The establishment itself might not be much to look at, but hey, it’s late and you’re drunk, and the pizza is crispy and the ingredients are fresh.

5. Cookies Cream

Restaurant, Contemporary, Vegetarian

Celery with grated egg yolk, macadamia and nut butter
© Cookies Cream/Facebook

If you find yourself on a deserted alleyway on a well-matured evening, you shouldn’t worry about being lost, and Cookies Cream should be hiding somewhere along that empty road. This restaurant serves vegetarian and vegan dishes that are simple but beautifully styled. The food tastes so good that even dedicated carnivores could fall in love with it, and the setting is underground and exciting. The service, atmosphere, wine, and food are all said to be equally great, but you will have to spend a little bit of money in order to experience them.

6. La Pausa

Restaurant, Fast Food, Italian

© Blogging Dagger/Flickr

Here’s another pizza place on the list, because “after a night of drinking” equals “late-night pizza” seems to be a perfect equation for many. La Pausa in Mitte is deemed as an essential late-night spot, where you can come hungry and order two generous slices for five euros. Be sure to pay first and get a ticket from the cashier before you order from the pizza guy. It’s not much of a day joint, but it draws a lively atmosphere at night.

7. Mustafas

Food Kiosk, Turkish, Fast Food, Kebab

Open until two in the morning on weekdays and much later on weekends, Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab is an institution in Berlin. The queue leading up to this humble little kebab shop is always long and an attraction to see in itself, but waiting in it is all part of the Mustafa experience. When you’ve finally reached the front, you’ll be rewarded with a mouthwatering selection of fresh and delicious food. Choose either the panini-like döner or wrap-like dürüm, stuffed with chicken or vegetables. This is Berlin street food at its best.

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