10 Great Places To Dine Outdoors In Berlin

Joe Lloyd

Berlin might not be the first city that comes to mind when one thinks of great European cuisine, but don’t be fooled by visions of sauerkraut and currywurst, the city is a haven for haut cuisine, quick snacks and everything in between. From delicious re-imaginings of traditional German fare to supreme Turkish street food, here are ten places that run the gamut of Berliner Küche, all with outdoor seating for those pristine summer days.


1. Schnitzelei

Restaurant, German, Austrian, Tapas, Vegetarian

Tucked away in Charlottenburg, Berlin’s affluent West End, Schnitzelei’s clue is all in its name. This is one of the best places in the city to try schnitzel, the most German of delicacies. The breadcrumb-battered veal, served with a diverse array of flavorings, is the star attraction here. Those who want something a little lighter can try zander fillet or goats cheese variants. Equally enticing is the tapas, based on traditional German dishes and cooked with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Amongst the highlights you’ll find miniature veal burgers, bacon-wrapped plums, and trout mousse on wheat crackers. The restaurant sits next to a peaceful, tree-lined stretch of the River Spree, perfect for outdoor dining on a balmy evening.

2. Café Am Neuen See

Cafe, Restaurant, German, Austrian

The Tiergarten, Berlin’s huge central park, is a sylvan paradise in the center of the city, composed of a labyrinthine collection of bucolic groves and winding wooded paths, the perfect place for shady walks on sweltering summer afternoons. Stop at Cafe am Neuen See, in the southwest section of the park, and you may just bring your promenade to a halt. Perched on the edge of the beautiful New Lake, where rowing boats can be rented, the Café serves a seasonal array of Bavarian favorites. Try the German-style pizzas, with crème fraiche instead of tomato sauce, or traditional pretzels, accompanied by a sizable range of German beers. Stay until dark, and the whole garden will be be-decked with fairy lights, creating the impression of an enchanted glade.

3. Sauvage

Restaurant, German

Sauvage, Prenzlauer Berg
Image Courtesy of Sauvage
When it comes to curious new dining trends, Berlin – with the possible exception of London – is the most inventive place in Europe. Sauvage, which opened in 2011 in the ultra-hip Neukölln district, is the world’s first ‘paleo’ restaurant. In an attempt to imitate our cave-dwelling ancestors, everything served is completely organic, with no dairy, grains or artificial flavorings. The menu includes such delights as tandoori halibut in fennel crème, filet mignon with coconut yucca puree and pistachio-crusted lamb careé. One might doubt that the primeval hunter-gatherer ever tasted such delectable food, but the health benefits of consuming only natural ingredients are abundant and clear. Visit the second, larger branch in elegant Prenzlauer Berg – the only part of Berlin dominated by 19th century buildings – and watch the local bohemians stroll by.

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