The Best Secret Restaurants in Tbilisi

View of Tbilisi
View of Tbilisi | © Alexxx Malev / Flickr

Along with the vibrant dining scene in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, some of the great cafés and restaurants remain hidden. And if you don’t know where to look, you most probably won’t find them. Thus, here’s the guide to some of the secret restaurants you might want to check out once in Tbilisi.

1. Ghumeli

Restaurant, European, Georgian

Ghumeli is located on the top floor of the Iota Hotel, offering excellent views of the capital. The word ghumeli in Georgian means oven; consequently, the restaurant focuses mainly on oven-baked meals. It also features an open kitchen with a huge oven, so you can see how your meals are prepared. Here, you can try both international and Georgian dishes as well as desserts and fine wine.

2. Bina N37

Restaurant, Georgian, European

This is one of the hidden restaurants of Tbilisi. The name bina means an apartment in Georgian and perfectly describes the cosy eatery. Located on the top floor of a residential building, Bina N37 offers a homey atmosphere, homemade-style dishes, and a qvevri wine that comes right from its terrace – the owner has buried several clay vessels for its house-made wine right here.

3. Sofia Melnikova's Fantastic Douqan

Restaurant, Georgian, European

Often going by the shorter name of Melnikova’s, the restaurant is set in a small garden and is a fantastic place during the hot evenings of spring and summer. The yard, designed with vintage décor items, is full of plants, trees, and bushes. Thus each table is quite private. However, don’t worry if you happen to be in Tbilisi in autumn or winter, there is indoor seating available, too. The venue offers decent food, homemade lemonades, soups, and sandwiches to name a view. The menu primarily features the staples of Georgian cuisine, but you can find some international dishes as well.

4. Ezo

Restaurant, Georgian, European

Ezo, in Georgian, means the courtyard or garden. Homey cuisine, outdoor seating, delicious meals, and a cozy vibe is what makes Ezo so favored by locals and visitors alike. Getting a table during the spring or summer here is almost impossible – they are nearly always full. However, they also have a semi-open area, which is a pretty good option to escape the hot summer evenings. The cuisine offered here is Georgian, but they do put their own twist on it. So, it’s worth a visit.

5. Academy Lounge Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Georgian

Located on one of the back streets off Rustaveli Avenue, Academy Lounge Restaurant is a cozy place designed in vintage style. The menu here is diverse, offering international cuisine, desserts, and wide choice of soft and alcoholic beverages. In addition to indoor seating, the venue has a small courtyard where you can sit peacefully and enjoy your meal.

6. Cafe Littera

Restaurant, European, Georgian

Located in the yard of Writer’s House, a building built in 1905, Cafe Littera offers one of the fanciest dining experiences in Tbilisi. Owned by the famous female Georgian chef, Tekuna Gachechiladze, the meals here are unique. Her traditional Georgian staples are not like any other you might taste in other places offering local cuisine. She mixes the latest trends in the culinary world with traditional recipes.

7. Floor 8

Restaurant, European, Georgian

Floor 8, located at the top of a building near Freedom Square, is more of a lounge than a restaurant offering excellent views of Tbilisi. The spacious and beautifully designed venue is excellent both for dining out and for its late-night DJ parties. The menu here is the mixture of international dishes and is one of the few restaurants that keeps its kitchen open till 3 a.m.

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