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Gorgeous view over the prestigious Triangle d'Or |Courtesy of Pierre / Airbnb inc
Gorgeous view over the prestigious Triangle d'Or |Courtesy of Pierre / Airbnb inc
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These Are the Only Airbnbs You Have to Stay at in Bordeaux

Picture of Jennifer Migan
Updated: 31 October 2017
Queen Elizabeth herself said it: Bordeaux is “the essence of elegance.” Therefore, you want to make sure that the place you choose embodies a certain idea of style and luxury. These Airbnbs assuredly match the previously cited criteria.

Cheap studio in Bordeaux’s most vibrant neighborhood

Head to Saint Michel, the most vibrant area of Bordeaux during your time in the city! For a long time shunned by the posh locals, the Saint Michel neighborhood is now a very sought-after place by investors and hipsters. Highly functional, this comfy studio is perfect for a short stay and for those who are on a budget and still want to experience a more eclectic side of Bordeaux. You must go to the Marché des Capucins to get the best local products and sit in the many cool cafés with friendly owners and home-cooked food.

Cozy studio in vibrant Saint Michel neighborhood
Cozy studio in vibrant Saint Michel neighborhood | © Courtesy of/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 40€

Go for a vaulted and typical Bordeaux traditional home

One of the characteristics that newcomers are looking for when moving to Bordeaux are the stoned walls, typical of the city’s architecture. Lionel’s house belongs to this rare category of original houses that conserved their original structure but had a beautiful and modern makeover. Book your stay right now and enjoy your vacation in this atypical place, only a few steps away from the city’s historical sites.

Spectacular décor in the Douves district
Spectacular décor in the Douves district | © Courtesy of Lionel/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 80€

Fantastic flat in Saint Pierre district

One way to get the best of a city is to hang out in its most iconic neighborhoods. This splendid flat in the Saint Pierre historical neighborhood is ideal to experience what the city has to offer for a very decent price. It is near the Saint Rémi and Rue du Parlement streets, famous for their nice restaurants and cool bars. The apartment stands out for its elegant design and it is ideal for a romantic gateway.

Refined style in this beautiful flat
Refined style in this beautiful flat | © Courtesy of Caroline & Jean/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 85€

Splendid loft with private pool

Slightly away from the city center but close to some of the city’s best attractions, such as the Jardin Public, you will surely be pleased to rent this contemporary loft during the time of your visit. Everything has been thought out to ensure the maximum comfort of its residents. The highlight of the house is without a doubt the heated pool at the back of the house where you can take a dip whenever you want in a private environment.

Luminous flat with private pool
Luminous flat with private pool | © Courtesy Jeanne of/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 170€

Lavish flat with an astonishing view

You will be in the front row seat to witness Bordeaux’s beauty if you choose this amazing loft. Indeed, it is located only 150 meters from the Place de la Comédie, host of the Grand Théâtre and the Intercontinental Grand Hôtel, two of the most spectacular buildings in town. Freshly renovated, it has two large bedrooms and two bathrooms, and its kitchen has all you need to cook for you and your friends. If you’d like, don’t hesitate to taste some of the great wines available in the refrigerated cave.

Chic loft with the best view in town
Chic loft with the best view in town | © Courtesy of Danièle/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 181€

A lovers’ nest

Are you coming to Bordeaux to celebrate an anniversary or another milestone with your significant other? Instead of staying in a hotel, opt for this unique house. Do not tell him/her beforehand about the outstanding pedigree of the place and watch his/her reaction while discovering this nest for your time in Bordeaux. The in-house jacuzzi, hammam, and other massaging devices alongside the charming aspect of the loft will without a doubt set the tone for unforgettable and special memories.

The room ideal for romance
The room ideal for romance | © Courtesy of Yoann/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 250€

Magnificent flat in the iconic Triangle d’Or

The Triangle d’Or (the Golden Triangle) area is definitively the place to be and that’s why you should make this phenomenal flat your temporary home. The magnificent apartment is on the top floor of a traditional Bordeaux 19th-century building and comes with top-notch amenities. You will particularly enjoy the terrasse with a breathtaking view over Bordeaux’s center, which makes it the ideal spot for lazy mornings and long brunches in a calm environment. This home can easily welcome six to eight people, and its price is a steal for such an ideal location.

Splendid flat in the heart of the Triangle d’Or | Courtesy of Guillaume / Airbnb inc

Price per night: 300€

Private mansion Saint Seurin

Discover Bordeaux in style in this gorgeous private mansion located in Saint Seurin, one of Bordeaux’s fanciest neighborhoods. The 18th-century architecture of Saint Seurin will instantly make you fall in love with the area. You will be lost for words when entering this exceptional house. The voluptuous volumes and overall grandeur of the house will make a big impression on you. The main room is 40 meters squared and distinguishes itself by its fine lines and refined outlook. The residence is near bakeries and many local shops and its quiet vibe makes it perfect for a family with kids.

Private mansion in Saint-Seurin
Private mansion in Saint-Seurin | © Courtesy of/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 409€

Gorgeous and family-friendly house in the Chartrons

Spending time in the Chartrons is always a good idea. Indeed, the very praised area by locals and tourists for its village vibe and central location is exactly what you need. Meet up with your friends or organize a family gathering in this 200-year-old house that was exceptionally well-renovated. The wooden floors, the warm décor, and the constant light entering the house automatically makes you feel at home. The space is huge and 12 people can comfortably stay at the same time without feeling on top of each other. The common living spaces are ideal for big dinners and fun evenings.

Beautiful bathroom in the Chartrons
Beautiful bathroom in the Chartrons | © Courtesy of Enguerrand/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 499€

Sublime apartment in the Quinconces

It’s a privilege to stay in this amazing apartment with a view over the Place des Quinconces, as it’s probably the most emblematic touristic place in Bordeaux. The flat is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity and you will enjoy the serenity of the in-house garden at any time of the day. Don’t hesitate to book this place with a group of friends if you are up for a delightful escapade in this magical city.

Sublime and spacious living room Quinconces
Sublime and spacious living room Quinconces | © Courtesy of Mélissa/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 560€

Exceptional chai in the perfect location

If you want to splurge a little while in Bordeaux, don’t look any further; this is the place to do it! This incredible chai in the middle of the Chartrons is absolutely fantastic. Renovated by an architect, you quickly understand that the smart use of space is the doing of a professional. The living room is 300 meters squared and has two separate salons, which is great for doing separate activities in the house. The main bathroom has its own sauna (you might fight over who gets this room) and three of the six bedrooms come with private bathrooms. For those who like to stay in shape while traveling, the house also has a small gym with basic equipment that will keep you fit.

This splendid chai will take your breath away
This splendid chai will take your breath away | © Courtesy of/ airbnb inc

Price per night: 800€