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French Riviera | © Franck Michel/Flickr
French Riviera | © Franck Michel/Flickr

Insider Guide to Eating Out in Nice, France

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Updated: 10 April 2017

A postcard city situated along the French Riviera, on la Côte d’Azur, Nice is one of the most beautiful cities in France and a luxurious holiday destination. Marked by gorgeous coastlines bordering the azure waters of the Mediterranean, captivating French and Italian-influenced medieval architecture, and a rich cultural and artistic heritage, Nice’s dining scene is just as impressive. Find out about the best restaurants in this stunning city.

Côte d'Azur | © Navin Rajagopalan/Flickr

Côte d’Azur | © Navin Rajagopalan/Flickr

Restaurant Le Chantecler

For the ultimate fine dining experience in Nice, visit Le Chantecler at the Hotel Negresco, located along the idyllic beachfront promenade. Specialising in traditional French gastronomy, the two Michelin-starred restaurant is run by local chef, Jean-Denis Rieubland. The menu is full of delicious creations, including a discovery option offering samples of signature dishes and daily specials, for diners who want to try it all. Each dish is perfectly matched with a vintage wine from the wine cellar, which is stocked with around 15,000 bottles. The extravagant interior gives off an 18th-century feel, with its conspicuous pink walls, dazzling chandeliers, and beautiful paintings. Although not easy on the budget, a visit to the glamorous Chantecler falls nothing short of spectacular.

Le Chantecler, Hotel Negresco, 37 promenade des Anglais, Nice, +33 4 93 16 64 00

Le Vingt4

A refreshing and stylish restaurant-lounge, le Vingt4 is a great culinary getaway. The day and evening menus are concise, offering a well thought-out selection of tantalising contemporary dishes, with that sought-after French twist. Try the slice of roasted cod with Portuguese-style tomato salsa, duck aiguillette with grape and verjuice sauce or the homemade tofu hamburger. Each dish is expertly paired with at least two wine suggestions, most of which are available by the glass. The Vingt4’s modern interior is made up of cosy lilac sofa-benches and chairs, smooth wooden tables, and funky artwork, with a strong feminine touch apparent throughout the décor. If you’re lucky, you might catch one of their entertaining soirées of live music, showcasing local artists.

Le Vingt4, 24 rue Alphonse Karr, Nice, France, +33 4 93 88 45 49

Hotel Le Negresco | © Kurt Bauschardt/Flickr

Hotel Le Negresco | © Kurt Bauschardt/Flickr

La Roustide

The much-loved La Roustide offers an interesting take on traditional French cuisine. Renowned for its variety of truffle-based dishes, the restaurant uses all six edible varieties of locally grown truffles in many of its recipes. From baked potatoes covered with truffles and seabream tartare with wasabi and truffles, to puy lentils with whipped creamed truffles. For those not crazy about subterranean fungi, there are other dishes including gnocchi, risotto and foie grass. A quaint restaurant with a natural warm ambiance, La Roustide features earthy tones, lovely wood and stone furnishing, plus bird-nest chandeliers, with dim lighting for those late-night intimate dinners.

La Roustide, 34 rue Beaumont, Nice, France, +33 4 93 89 69 60 


Located in the historic quarter of Vieux Nice, Oliviera is a fantastic restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on bringing out the best local varieties of olive oil. Established in 2000, Oliviera crafts each recipe with hand-picked oils, carefully selected to enhance the flavours and different subtleties of ingredients. Tartar with olive oil originating from Alpes de Haute Provence, and Aubergine Oliviera, a dish made of eggplant, goat cheese, grilled red peppers and copious amounts of Bouteillan olive oil are just some of the splendid dishes on offer. On arrival, owner Nadim Beyrouti and his staff take time to greet guests with an olive oil tasting. After a meal, choose an oil from the restaurant’s shop and try out one of their aromatic recipes at home. The oils can also be purchased from the restaurant’s website.

Oliviera, 8 Bis rue du Collet, Vieux Nice, France, +33 4 93 13 06 45

Photo courtesy of Oliviera

Keisuke Matsushima

Run by chef Kei Matsushima, one of the most well-known and innovative chefs in Nice, this Michelin-clad restaurant is a contemporary gastronomic haven. The inventive menu offers fabulous fusions of French cuisine and Japanese flavours constantly evolving in line with seasonal availability of ingredients and chef Kei’s remarkable imagination. Previous menus have featured pistachio foie gras, caramelised pigeon breasts served with a wasabi emulsion, and Mediterranean seabream with roasted artichokes and mussels in a vegetable broth. For wine lovers, each meal is paired with an excellent choice of wine. With a bit of everything for everyone, the restaurant is a favourite dining place in Nice, attracting locals and visitors alike. Within walking distance to the seafront, stop by the Keisuke Matsushima for lunch or dinner; you wont regret it.

Keisuke Matsushima, 22 ter rue de France, Nice, France, +33 4 93 82 26 06 

Le Séjour Restaurant & Café

Elegant, relaxed dining at its finest, Le Séjour Café is a much-loved restaurant celebrating the French art of living through quality cuisine. A family-run restaurant, the menu offers varied traditional and contemporary French dishes, all beautifully presented. Located in a charming contemporary house, designed to maximise the ‘at home feeling’, Le Séjour is replete with lampshades, books, random flower pots, photo frames and other homey paraphernalia decorating its walls and shelves. After a delectable meal, move out onto the veranda and enjoy a mocha coffee or a refreshing ‘soupe d’agrumes’ (citrus fruit salad), while basking in the sunlight.

Le Séjour Restaurant & Café, 11 rue Grimaldi, Nice, France, +33 4 93 27 37 84

 La Côte d’Azur | © x1klima/Flickr

La Côte d’Azur | © x1klima/Flickr

Les Pêcheurs

Ideally located at the port of Nice, Les Pêcheurs, ‘the fishermen’, is a brilliant seafood restaurant. Offering a range of tantalising dishes based on the fresh catch of the day and seasonally driven, the spring menu includes dishes such as sea bass fillets cooked with herbal crust, artichokes and creamy polenta; fish stew flavoured coconut milk and coriander; and grilled lobster with garlic butter and thyme. A wooden-beamed ceiling, pillars, aqua painted walls, portholes, and a large in-built fish tank on the back wall mark the restaurant’s nautical interior. Outdoor seating on the lovely terrace provides a great view of the bustling harbour with the steep rocky coast in its backdrop.

Les Pêcheurs, 18 Quai des Docks, Nice, France, +33 4 93 89 59 61

La Rossettisserie

If you are a meat fan, La Rossettisserie is the place to go to. With generous portions of red meat and poultry, cooked to perfection using traditional family recipes, be prepared for a carnivore feast. From roast pork, beef, lamb to duck leg and braised lamb, each dish is accompanied by a helping of baked or mashed potatoes, or fresh vegetable ratatouille. For adventurous diners, there is the option of extraordinary cave-themed seating in the underground part of the restaurant, stone walls, arched doorways, and ancient-looking candelabras providing soft lighting. Situated along a lively street in Vieux Nice, a visit to La Rossettisserie is truly worth it.

La Rossettisserie, 8 rue Mascoïnat, Nice, France, +33 4 93 76 18 80

Vieux Nice | ©David Baron/Flickr

Vieux Nice | ©David Baron/Flickr