The Most Scenic Camping Sites in Finland

Camping in a forest / Pexels
Camping in a forest / Pexels
Photo of Jessica Wood
7 August 2017

Truly the best way to experience the Finnish wilderness and enjoy hiking, cycling, bird-watching, or any number of other nature activities is to rent a tent or campervan and stay at campsites. Thankfully, there are plenty of them throughout Finland and right of access means you can pitch your tent anywhere except private property, so long as you leave the site in the condition you found it in. These are some of the most highly recommended and beautiful places for camping throughout Finland.

Archipelago National Park

One of the most popular places for camping in Finland. The archipelago off Finland’s west coast has literally thousands of islands, many of them uninhabited, and almost all the main islands in the chain contain campsites. Some of the best are Prästö on the Åland Islands where you can see the Bomarsund Fortress or the peaceful Mossala Island.

Turku archipelago islands | © Rob Hurson / Flickr


Close by the archipelago on the south-western tip of Finland is the charming town of Hanko. The lovely sunsets over the Baltic Sea make it especially popular with holidaymakers. Silversand Camping is a recommended campsite for staying in Hanko due to its hospitable staff, clean facilities, and many amenities available.

View of Hanko / Leo-setä / Flickr


This resort in Kerma in Western Finland includes a bed and breakfast, restaurant, guest harbour, and campsite close by the Kermankoski river rapids on what is considered one of the most scenic water routes in Finland. The camping facilities are basic but the reception is highly welcoming and helpful. In addition to the pleasant setting and boating opportunities, it is a paradise for fishers as it is one of the only places in Finland where you can catch brown trout.

Kerma rapids / Motopark / WikiCommons

Petkeljärvi National Park

A scenic national park full of lakes, culture, and history. The campsites are good value and managed by the Finnish Forestry Authority. Amongst the pines are modern amenities including saunas, washing machines, and a nearby supermarket, as well as rustic campfire hearths.

Camp site at Petkeljärvi National Park / Tappinen / WikiCommons

Ruunaan Trekking Centre

As well as hikes by beautiful rivers, this centre also includes white water rafting, bear watching, fishing, birdwatching, and a restaurant. The camp site is good value and well laid out with wi-fi access, English speaking staff, and all the amenities you’d expect from a camping ground. It makes for the perfect place to relax after a rafting adventure.

View from Ruunaan hiking trail / Saruwine / WikiCommons

Martinselkosen Eräkeskus

If you’re interested in going bear watching, this wilderness centre in Kainuu is one of the best places to try it. The trips are run by experienced tour guides and include campfire cooking and a traditional smoke sauna. As well as rental cottages, there is also a campsite, which is also open to those who aren’t going on the bear watching trips, and includes free wi-fi, saunas, and power supply.

Brown bear in Kainuu / Ludovic Péron / WikiCommons

Oulanka National Park

Oulanka is one of Finland’s most beautiful national parks with hanging bridges, clifftop views, and stunning waterfalls. It is worth camping for at least a few days to take it all in. The camp site and visitor centre are of a high standard and are welcoming and helpful for visitors with clean shower facilities, a kiosk, and wi-fi. The trails are all well marked out to take you to the most attractive spots and along the way you can see rare and wonderful flora and wildlife.

Hanging bridge in Oulanka / Timo Newton-Syms / WikiCommons

Camping-Hostel Jokitörmä

Further north in Lapland is this family run holiday village in the Kaamanen village close to Inari. It makes for a good central location for exploring Northern Lapland, and is close enough for daytrips into Norway. The site is made up of a camping area and log cabins and includes a fireplace, Lappish kota (a sort of dining hut), sauna, and children’s playground. In the area you can go fishing, hiking, berry picking, or birdwatching.

Lake near Kaamanen / Petr Kraumann / WikiCommons

Matkatupa Lomamökit-Camping

Another site highly recommended by camping enthusiasts, this one is situated on a lakeside farm near the Arctic Circle and run by friendly owners who also operate the camp site’s café. As well as taking in the lovely lakeside setting, you can also go berry picking or boating on the visitor rowing boat. The facilities are again basic but clean and well maintained and include free wi-fi.

Sunset on Lake Kemijärvi / George Esayas / WikiCommons

Liminka Bay

One of Finland’s best bird watching spots, Liminka Bay on the western coast is visited by millions of migratory birds every year. The visitor centre has a camp site located next to farmland which is only a short walk away from the main birdwatching tower and there are many guides for visitors to use.

Path to Liminka Bay birdwatching tower / jartsf / Flickr

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