The 9 Best Guided Tours to Take in Estonia

Naissaar Island  | © Ville Hyvönen /Flickr
Naissaar Island | © Ville Hyvönen /Flickr
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
4 August 2017

Estonia is full of beautiful forests, old cities, breath-taking islands, and clear lakes. There are so many different things to do and see in Estonia that it is often a good idea to take one of many guided tours and let the experts show you through this spectacular country.

Soomaa National Park

The European Commission declared Soomaa National Park as a “supreme nature holiday destination” in 2009, and that is a good indicator of how wonderful this park is. There are plenty of tour organizers to choose from, but we recommend booking your tour through official Soomaa National Park website. Some of the most popular tours include bird watching, canoeing, walking in bogs, hiking, cross-country skiing during the winter, and beaver watching.

Soomaa National Park I | © .waldec /Flickr

Learn the secrets of the successful startups

Estonia has the most startups per capita in the world, and there are many successful companies created in Tallinn. Every technology buff should take a tour of LIFT99 co-working space, meet all the famous Estonian entrepreneurs, get inspired by some unbelievable success stories, and drink some coffee in Pipedrive’s headquarters. This tour only costs €30 and could be a massive investment in your future.

LIFT99, Telliskivi 60a, B-building, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Taste Estonian craft beer

For only €19 you can taste the top-rated Estonian craft beers and learn the history of different beer styles and their origins. You’ll also be introduced to basics of the beer making process. This tour in Tallinn is a perfect choice for all beer lovers, who appreciate and prefer local beer crafted by small breweries over the big-name brands.

Beer served in mugs I | © Bernt Rostad /Flickr

Get to know ghosts of Tallinn

Walk around old and haunted Lühike Jalg and Rataskaevu streets in Tallinn and listen to the chilling tales and myths about local ghosts and paranormal activities. This tour was created for adrenaline lovers, so consider if you are brave enough to walk around the haunted part of Tallinn before you sign up.

Rataskaevu street I | © Tony Bowden /Flickr

Take a walking tour in Tallinn Old Town with a photographer

History buffs who also love to take a lot of pictures while traveling should look no further – the walking tour around Tallinn Old Town with a professional photographer has it all. You’ll learn the most important facts about Estonia and Tallinn and the professional photographer will take photos of you near some of the Old Town’s monuments.

Tallinn old town I | © Guillaume Speurt /Flickr

Try motor paintball

People who love extreme sports will definitely want to book a motor paintball tour in an old Soviet military base. Motor paintball is a popular version of paintball in Eastern Europe. Instead of running around, you are driving a car, and that makes the whole paintball experience even more dramatic and memorable.

Get some peace on Naissaar Island

A tour will take you to Naissaar Island, located only 12 kilometers away from Tallinn. It is a perfect location for people who want to explore empty beaches, walk in silent forests, and see some of the Soviet Unions old military bases.

Visit the Viking village

Everyone who is fascinated by Vikings, the strong ancient warriors, must visit Viking village and experience what their life was all about. In this tour, you’ll be able to try your archery skills, swing an axe, meet some real Vikings, learn about their history, and see a wooden fortress that still stands today.

Saula, 75117 Harju County, Estonia