The Top 11 Bars In Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus, Denmark | © Jennifer Joan
Crystal Au

Home to the biggest university in Scandinavia, Aarhus, Denmark, boasts a large and vibrant student population, meaning there’s always a party going on in this idyllic, waterside city! Originally a Viking settlement which has flourished beautifully into the area of colorful houses and majestic churches it is today, there’s a wealth of drinking spots to be found here, from quaint pubs to kaleidoscopic clubs; here’s 10 of the best bars in town!

1. Peter Gift

Bar, Pub, Pub Grub, Dessert

Peter Gift is a local Aarhus bar which has enjoyed a long history in the area, and has served the town residents for over 100 years. In addition to the 45 different types of beer offered here, there is also a plethora of Danish meal options to keep your hunger at bay. A great spot in which to soak in the true ambience of Aarhus and mingle with the locals, in summer here customers can drink outside on the plant-filled patio, and in winter they can enjoy a glass of spicy mulled wine by the fireplace; heaven!

Price: Budget
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-1am, Sun 2pm-10pm
Watch out for: Serving Aarhus locals for over 100 years

2. Vincaféen

Bar, Wine Bar, Pub Grub, Danish

Vincaféen is the place where book and wine lovers unite. It serves as a bookstore, café, wine bar and venue for cultural events all in one! Enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal whilst perusing a book here, or walk past the counter to explore the wall of wines, a feature exhibiting over 130 different imported vintages just waiting for you to try them. There are many popular events held here, including poetry readings, musical performances, a book club and talks by esteemed Danish authors!

Price: Budget
Opening hours: Tue-Wed 4pm-10pm, Thur-Sat 4pm-12am
Watch out for: A venue where literature and wine collides

Cockney Pub

Unlike other bars where the party doesn’t start until it’s dark, at Cockney Pub the festivities begin on Sunday afternoons when the jazz tunes begin to play. Established in 2002, this venue is a top spot for lovers of malt whiskey and rum. Look up the the pub’s ceiling and you’ll see charming cut-outs of all the different beer brands on offer, and don’t miss the aforementioned electric live jazz sessions every Sunday afternoon. And if the sun is shining the performances can often be taken outdoors, so come prepared to do some dancing in the street.

Price: Mid-­range
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 11am-12am, Fri-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 1pm-7pm
Watch out for: Street Dancing

Address and Telephone: Maren Smeds Gyde 8, Aarhus, Denmark, +45 2628 3001

3. Sherlock Holmes Pub

Pub, Beer, Pub Grub

Statue of Sherlock Holmes
© David Jones/Flickr
In the Sherlock Holmes Pub customers can have fun until the sun rises most days of the week. A top spot for event evenings, the popular English pub quiz is held on Mondays, and live music is played by local international musicians from Tuesday through to Saturday. There is a large range of alcoholic beverage options on offer, and there are often sports games hosted, too.

Price: Mid­-range
Opening hours: Mon 12pm-12am, Tue-Wed 12pm-5am, Thur-Sat 12pm-6am, Sun 1pm-12am
Watch out for: Thursday; this is the jam session and karaoke night, during which a free shot is given to the first 50 singers!

4. Waxies

Bar, Pub, Pub Grub, Irish

Waxies is a spacious three-storey Irish Bar, and is an ideal place to have a party or hang out with a large group of friends in Aarhus. Live music is held here regularly on the small stage of the first floor, and there are also many jam sessions and karaoke performances. Colorful and well-designed red furnshings here create a vibrant setting in which to enjoy an ice-cold pint of Guinness or a British pale ale.

Price: Mid­range
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 12pm-3am, Thur-Sat 12pm-5am, Sun 1pm-3am
Watch out for: The bar also hosts pub quizzes and live football matches!

5. Cross Café and Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Danish

© Edson Hong/Flickr
Idyllically located right on the Aarhus river, Cross Café and Restaurant has been open since 1998 and is a place which operates as a quaint café in the day and a lively restaurant during the evening. Danish and international beer options abound here, as well as a plethora of colorful and refreshing cocktails. On Friday and Saturday nights there are live DJs who really bring the party to the next level!
Price: Mid­range
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 8:30am-12am, Thur 8:30am-1am, Fri 8:30am-3am, Sat 9am-3am, Sun 9am-11pm
Watch out for: The ‘Cocktail of the Month’ offer


If you want to take a break from the crazy parties of Aarhus and simply enjoy some champagne or a crisp glass of wine in a relaxing environment, Lava is the place to visit. Located in the heart of the city, this venue oozes with affluence but still remains warm and welcoming. The flavorful Jamaican iced tea is a top drink pick here, and there is also a wide selection of wine, cocktails and strong liquor.

Price: Mid-­range
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 9am-10pm, Thur 9am-1am, Fri 9am-3am, Sat 10am-3am, Sun 10am-10pm
Watch out for: A chic setting, and live music on the weekends

Address and Telephone: Åboulevarden 22, Aarhus, Denmark, +45 2553 3031

Le Coq

Opened in 1991, Le Coq is a French restaurant which serves up tasty dishes influenced by its country of origin. The bar here is a great source of fruity and strong French liquor too, and partons can enjoy a glass of Chartreuse or Pastis with their dinner. Table games provide much entertainment here, and there is both backgammon and table football available for competitive customers.

Price: Mid-­range
Opening hours: 11:30am-3am daily
Watch out for: Fun tabletop games and French liquor

Address and Telephone: Graven 16, Aarhus, Denmark, +45 8619 5074

6. Highlander’s Bar

Bar, Pub Grub

Highlander’s is praised for its knowledgeable staff and rustic but comfortable atmosphere fostered by the absence of TV’s or loud music. They have an incredible range of selection with 220 different whiskies, around 80 different rums, some 20 or so bourbons, as well as close to 100 different types of beer. As the owner is a Scotsman, they serve homemade fish and chips as well as other bar foods that are always fresh and good quality.
Price: Mid-­range
Opening hours: Wednesday 4:00 pm – 12:00 am Thursday 4:00 pm – 1:00 am Friday 12:00 pm – 2:00 am Saturday 12:00 pm – 2:00 am
Watch out for: Any whiskey you could possibly imagine

By Crystal Au

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