How to Spend an Afternoon in Strøget, Copenhagen

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One of the main touristic attractions in Copenhagen, Strøget is also one of locals’ most favorite spots. 1.1 kilometers (around 0.684 miles) long and brimming with shops, restaurants, and cafés of every kind and for all budgets, this pedestrian-shopping street is one of the most vivid spots of the city and the prefect place for an afternoon walk.


Those taking a stroll at Strøget don’t have to be in the mood for shopping. However, those who are have found one of the best streets to head for. Aside of low budget stores such as Zara, H&M, and New Yorker, there are also many designers’ stores such as Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani.

Fashionistas should definitely check Mads Nørgaard‘s store to get a taste of the internationally-renowned Danish fashion as well as & Other Stories because it offers a great selection of clothes and accessories. If traveling with kids or just want to buy a little something for your loved ones back home, make a stop at Karrusella in Jorcks Passage.

Zara, Vimmelskaftet 28, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 88 33 52 10

H&M, Amagertorv 23, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 70 21 22 00

New Yorker, Frederiksberggade 16, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 93 78 00

Louis Vuitton, Amagertorv 2, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 15 10 22

Giorgio Armani, K, Østergade 12-14, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 11 26 10

Mads Nørgaard, Amagertorv 13, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 12 24 28

& Other Stories, Amagertorv 29, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 36 97 88 19

Karrusella, Jorcks Passage Vimmelskaftet 42, +45 29 88 73 11

20140704_Denmark_0022 Copenhagen

Food and Drink

Located on the court yard between Royal Copenhagen and George Jensen’s, the elegant Royal Smushi Café is the perfect place for a pitstop while exploring the world-famous pedestrian street. Take a break from the city’s noise in one of the most stylish cafes in town while indulging in the delicious beverages and snacks served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain.

For those who prefer a proper but inexpensive meal, walk a bit further and find Riz Raz on Kompagnistræde. Vegetarians can dive into the large salad buffet while the juicy hamburgers won’t disappoint those who prefer meat.

Royal Smushi Cafe, Amagertorv 6, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 12 11 22

Riz Raz, Kompagnistræde 20, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 15 05 75

Milky Mocca

Other activities

It may sounds cliché, but plan ahead and take a slow relaxed walk along Strøget. Dedicate a moment to the street musicians who fill the air with tunes along the way. Buy a bag of caramelized almonds and choose a bench to relax for a while before resuming your promenade.

Those lucky enough may even find a book bazaar in Hellingadshuset just next to Church of the Holy Ghost (Helligåndskirken). Shoppers may have to dig deep to find something of their taste, but the extremely low prices will make it worth your while.

Finally, visit Legoland or at least go window shopping at LEGO store. End your day on a fun note at Games, the city’s best hangout for all kinds of gamers.

Church of the Holy Spirit, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 5, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 15 41 44

LEGO® Store, Vimmelskaftet 37, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 52 15 91 58

Games, Jorcks Passage, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 29 88 11 91

Stork Fountain, Copenhagen, Denmark

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