How Couples Can Explore Copenhagen

Couple, Copenhagen
Couple, Copenhagen | © Mikael Colville-Andersen / Flickr
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Traveling to Copenhagen with your significant other? The city is full of scenic pockets ideal for a romantic stroll or bike ride. From parks and canals to cozy cafés and rooftop restaurants, we’ve rounded up the most romantic spots in the Denmark capital to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Take a walk around the lakes

The Lakes, or Søerne as locals call them, are three artificial, rectangular lakes on the western part of the city center. The paths around the lakes are packed with Copenhageners jogging, couples walking their dogs, and groups of friends relaxing with a six-pack on the grass. If you’re travelling to Copenhagen in winter, there’s a high chance the lakes will be frozen. It might get chilly sitting on a bench in the cold, but the scenery is so unique it’s definitely worth taking a stroll in the area.

Nørrebro Lakes

Spend a morning at the beach

One of the best things about Copenhagen is that it’s surrounded by water and, in just 20 minutes from the city center, you can be at a long, sandy beach soaking up some sun and taking a dive. Amager Beach brims with life in the warm summer days, with children flying kites and hordes of locals eager to be outdoors in the sun. The beach is long, however, so you won’t have trouble finding a quiet spot to spend some private time with your beloved.

Kite surfers at Amager Strandpark

Rent a boat for two

One of the best and funniest ways to explore the capital of Denmark is by water, and there are plenty of options for those wanting to avoid the touristic sightseeing boat tours. Rent your own little boat and share romantic moments with your other half in Copenhagen’s picturesque canals. You don’t have to have a license to rent, as it’s easy to navigate the boat through the canals. Grab some local delicacies and a bottle of wine and enjoy a unique a picnic on the water while exploring the city and its historic buildings at the same time.

Copenhagen canals

Dine atop Copenhagen’s highest tower

End your day with a romantic dinner at the top of Christiansborg Palace. With a focus on New Nordic Cuisine and featuring typical Scandinavian decoration, Tårnet has become one of the city’s most well-known high-end restaurants. Enjoy the unique view from the city’s highest tower and savor gourmet-dishes prepared with seasonal, local ingredients.

View from tower on Christiansborg Palace

Stroll around Tivoli Gardens

You might be thinking this is the most cliché thing on this list. Images of couples feeding each-other cotton candy and holding hands on the top of a Ferris wheel might spring to mind. Yet Tivoli Gardens isn’t just any amusement park—it’s the one that inspired Disneyland and its flourished gardens compose a stunning scenery, one that looks more like it’s been pulled from the pages of a fairy-tale and less like a scene from a romantic blockbuster movie.

Tivoli Gardens

Discover the city on a Christiania Bike

Renting a bike should be on the top of your to-do list while visiting Copenhagen; not only because you’re in one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe, but it’s also the ideal way to explore the popular tourist attractions and hidden corners. Make your bike stroll even more fun by renting a Christiania Bike. This cargo bike—named as such because the very first one was built by a blacksmith in Freetown Christiania—is quite popular in Denmark and many couples use it for practical reasons, and also because it’s much more amusing.

Christiania Bikes, Copenhagen

Lunch at the city’s oldest restaurant

With its low-ceiling, assortment of rooms, old-fashioned decoration and traditional Danish cuisine, Det Lille Apotek is for couples who want to savor a meal in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Being the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen, Det Lille Apotek has a long history and it is said that H.C. Andersen and other renowned poets used to meet here for herring and a round of Danish schnapps. Its location, down a pedestrianized alley in the heart of the city center, is as unique and scenic as the restaurant itself.

Det Lille Apotek

Spend a day in Christiania

If you believe that Freetown Christiania isn’t a romantic place then you probably haven’t seen the leafy area around the Stadsgraven canal with the colorful houses, or the cozy cafés and vegetarian restaurants. Take a walk or a bike ride around the canal and sit back and enjoy the view from Dyssebroen, the small, wooden pedestrian bridge. Warm up in Morgenstedet or Grønsagen, and enjoy a tasty vegetarian dish before hitting up the neighborhood’s music venues and pubs.

Freetown Christiania

Learn about science while sipping on cocktails

Spend your evening at a Science and Cocktails event at Christiania’s old cinema. Mingle with locals, watch scientific presentations and sip on tasty cocktails at low prices. For the eighth year in a row, the organizers of this non-profit event bring world-class sciences to Byens Lys’ stage and invite locals to attend intriguing scientific presentations while a number of volunteer mixologists serve guests unique cocktails.

Science and Cocktails bar

Walk under cherry blossom trees at Bispebjerg Cemetery

In springtime, Bispebjerg Cemetery at Nordvest becomes the city’s hotspot. The reason is the cherry blossomed trees, which create a stunning scenery and foretell that the dark winter days are over. Being one of the most beautiful parts of the city, the flourishing park is packed with couples, families, Instagrammers and anyone else wanting to take a walk or capture a photo with the beautiful, pink blossoms in the background.

Bispebjerg Cemetery

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