Exploring Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens Through 17 Instagrams

The Piratery
The Piratery | © Lasse Salling / Courtesy of Tivoli Gardens
Aliki Seferou

Get a glimpse of Copenhagen’s world-famous amusement park through the eyes of people who have been there. These 17 Instagrams will persuade you that visiting Tivoli Gardens is a must. Before booking your ticket make sure to check out these nine things about Denmark’s playground.

With so many gardens and differently decorated spots it doesn’t come as a surprise that Hans Christian Andersen was inspired to write the worldwide known fairytale, “Nightingale,” in Tivoli.


The Hanging Gardens with its tall trees and benches, the Pergola Gardens with a great variety of edible flowers, the fountains just in front of Nimb hotel are only some of the spots that locals choose for a relaxing walk or picnic.


There are more than ten gardens in Copenhagen’s famous amusement park and each one of them has its own colors, smells, and style.


Walt Disney visited Tivoli Gardens several times before he opened Disneyland in 1955 and it is said that the reason for these frequent visits was to draw inspiration because he wanted to create the same atmosphere at his own amusement park.


Tivoli Gardens offer more than 30 exciting rides and games for all ages. Thrill seekers should check out Vertigo, the ride that turns 360 degrees at 100 kilometers per hour.


Glass jewelry, tea products, Danish design items, and of course souvenirs for your loved ones, are some of the things you’ll find at Tivoli’s boutiques.


Right next to the City’s hall and quite opposite of Tivoli stands a lifelike statue of Hans Christian Andersen, the world famous Danish fairytale writer who loved strolling around Tivoli Gardens.


The Parterre Gardens area was created at the amusement’s park 100th anniversary in 1943. It is now one of the most beautiful spots of Tivoli, with hundreds of spring and summer flowers embellishing the place.


Aside from exciting rides and colorful gardens, Tivoli has specially designed venues that host special events throughout the year. Music concerts, theater performances, and pantomime and ballet shows are only some of the events that take place in the Pantomime Theatre, Glass Hall Theatre, and Tivoli Concert Hall.


During Christmas, Tivoli Gardens is decorated with thousands of sparkling lights and a Christmas market with stalls filled with presents and traditional delicacies are set all over the gardens. The smell of mulled wine and caramelized almonds linger in the air.


Exotic flowers and palm trees comprise the scenery at the Orient area. This part of the gardens is one of the most crowded because some of the wildest rides lie there, welcoming hundreds of adrenaline seekers.


Even though Tivoli Gardens is located in one of the city’s most central areas with one of the busiest streets running in front of it, the atmosphere in the amusement park is peaceful, quiet, and relaxed as if it’s located miles away from the city center.


Approximately 40 restaurants and food stalls for all tastes and budgets are hosted in the gardens serving Scandinavian and international delicacies.


Stretching 80 meters from the ground, The Star Flyer is considered the highest carousel in Northern Europe.


Tivoli Gardens isn’t only a touristic attraction for travelers, it’s a hangout for locals. No matter how many times they’ve visited it’s always among the top choices for a picnic in the sunny days, for a stroll during Christmas and of course for a scary ride in the Halloween.


This time of the year is a busy period for the people at Tivoli Gardens. They’re preparing for Halloween and are occupied in transforming the summer garden to autumn garden and decorating the place in the scariest possible way. The Gardens will open on October 13.


Nimb, one of the most luxurious hotels in Copenhagen is part of the amusement park, and its garden with the elegant fountains are one of the most tranquil places in Tivoli.


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