Culture Lover’s Guide to Cyprus: 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Vincent JS Wood

With a burgeoning and diverse cultural scene, Cyprus has modern and traditional art in abundance and has announced itself as a major force on the international art scene. These ten contemporary art galleries in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol showcase the best of the Cypriot commitment to art and culture and are must-see destinations on the Mediterranean island.

Point Center

Located between the old city and the commercial center of Nicosia is the Point Centre for Contemporary Art, a non-profit organization that aims to help in the creation and support of various fields of contemporary arts including film, music, performance and architecture. The center hosts international commissions but has a distinctive Eastern Mediterranean context that brings a certain vibrancy to the art from its local surroundings. Born of a collaboration project, the foremost goal of Point Center is to provide an exhibition space to Cypriot artists. Seminars, workshops and lectures are also held at the gallery in order to help further the artistic ambitions of interested locals.

Point Center for Contemporary Art, Megaro Hadjisavva, 2, Evagorou, Avenue 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus, +357 22 662053

Alpha C.K. Gallery

With a 250-square-meter exhibition space which is specifically designed for the showcasing of art, the Alpha C.K. Gallery sets itself up well with a wide-ranging assortment of artists, styles and movements decking out their collection with painting, prints, and sculptures all jostling for attention. Focusing predominantly on Greek and Cypriot art, Alpha shows the best of what the island has to offer in the way of cultural significance and artistic relevance. They do, however, also exhibit art from Europe, America and Eastern Europe to bring a more international feel to the gallery overall.

Alpha C.K. Gallery, Makarios Ave. & Papanikoli 3, Nicosia Cyprus, +357 22 751325

1. Artos Cultural and Research Foundation

Cinema, Theater

The Artos Cultural and Research Foundation is unique in its approach to blending art and science harmoniously and presenting them as one and the same. With directives aiming to produce and promote quality and contemporary cultural work it organizes and undertakes multifaceted events from the worlds of dance, theater, music, cinema and the visual arts as well as hosting seminars, lectures and presentations about scientific endeavors and breakthroughs. Showcasing material from the Euro-Mediterranean area and broadening the scope of arts within Europe are just a few of its many aims.


Proud Gallery

Perhaps a little unexpected in the middle of the Mediterranean, Proud gallery represents contemporary Russian artists and aims to bring the art of Russia to the people of Cyprus through its exhibitions. With paintings, sculptures and decorative arts all housed at the gallery and constantly changing exhibits, there is an eclectic mix of work from the Eurasian state that tells an intricate and expansive story of its people and their drive for artistic perfection. Previous exhibitions have featured dolls, toys and teddy bears as well as mosaics and other more figurative works.

Proud Gallery, King Georgiou A street, 14, Limassol, Cyprus, +357 96 874056

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