The 10 Best Restaurants in Varna

Olea Restaurant | Courtesy of Yana Borisova/Olea Restaurant
Olea Restaurant | Courtesy of Yana Borisova/Olea Restaurant
When eating in Varna, you have two important tasks: to try traditional Bulgarian food and to eat fresh fish. Discover which are the best places to do so and find a few other favorite food venues of the locals with our list of the best restaurants in Varna.

Staria Chinar - Port Varna

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Staria Chinar is a legend in Varna, having two branches serving traditional Bulgarian and Serbian food. The first venue was built around an old platanus tree, hence the name translated from Bulgarian as “The Old Platanus”. If you want to delve into the Balkan cuisine, try the pork ears or the intestines which are considered a delicacy here.
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Restaurant Aksakovska Panorama

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Rose drink
Rose drink | © Pixabay

This is more than a restaurant – eating at Aksakovska Panorama feels like eating in an ethnographic museum. The owner has taken advantage of the perfect hilly location which offers a wonderful panorama over Varna and the sea and has added an eclectic collection of Bulgarian bric-a- brac and objects from all over the world. The menu will not only introduce you to the Bulgarian cuisine, but it actually offers some rare recipes, impossible to find anywhere else in the country. Try the rose juice and read the menu slowly as every dish has a story attached to its description. It’s located a short drive out of Varna.

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Olea Restaurant
Olea Restaurant | Courtesy of Yana Borisova/Olea Restaurant
Olea is a branch restaurant from the BM chain that will make you feel as if you have found a little secret, only that you will want to show it to everyone instead of keeping it to yourself. The bright colors and art furniture create a homey atmosphere with a beautiful view of the sea through the window and a neat garden. From the Mediterranean-style menu don’t miss the fish and seafood dishes and try the dishes with homegrown vegetables.
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Godzila Restaurant

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Godzila is a restaurant chain with four venues in Varna (one of them at the beach if you prefer to watch the sea while you are dining). On their menu you will find Bulgarian dishes (such as the traditional Shopska salad prepared with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and Bulgarian feta cheese) and delicious baked on the spot flat bread. The fish dishes and the sushi are what the restaurants are famous for along with their grilled meat. The prices are affordable and the servings are huge.
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Jasmin Tea House

Restaurant, European, Vegetarian, $$$

Vegetarians will appreciate the delicious and healthy food served with a pinch of extra attention and enthusiasm in Jasmine Tea House. Try the local and international cheese varieties, fresh vegetables, fish, and grains and choose a ginger lemonade or freshly squeezed juice to accompany them. Sit on a colorful pillow in the garden and enjoy the good food.

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Di Wine

Restaurant, European, Mediterranean, Steakhouse, $$$
Wine | © Pixabay

Bulgaria has world-class wines and what better place to taste them than a fine dining restaurant like Di Wine! The intimate atmosphere is equally good for couples and for a business lunch, the service is immaculate, the food will leave a lasting memory (try the almond chicken and the fish), while the huge wine list will spoil you for choice.

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Parmy Family Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Mediterranean, Bulgarian
Calamari | © Pixabay
Parmy is another local chain known for its perfect service, excellent fish dishes and daily baked sweets and cakes. There are two restaurants in Varna, one in the Sea Garden of Varna and another in the nearby Golden Sands resort. The menu contains some creative combinations of ingredients that are worth trying such as the calamari with arugula.
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If you crave a pizza with a crispy base and fresh ingredients on top, some fish or classic European cuisine, Largo is the place to go. Located in the center of Varna, this stylish restaurant balances the urban style of the interior and the laid back atmosphere of the garden.

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Bodega Ranchero Steakhouse

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Ranchero Bodega Steakhouse is a all-you-can-eat venue inspired by churrascaria, the Brazilian version of BBQ. All the meat is grilled fresh and sliced on your plate for as long as you don’t tell the waiters to stop bringing more. For a fixed price ($6 for lunch and $13 for dinner) you can eat as much meat as you wish alongside a wide range of salad, side dishes, and sauces.
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The Black Sheep Pub

Pub, European, $$$
The Black Sheep is an English-style pub serving excellent food to accompany their own craft beer and a selection of international beer brands. As you are at the seaside, don’t miss the mussels, although you can opt for a more classical choice like potato chips, burgers, and steaks. The bar has a few large screens where you can watch sports games.
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